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  • Since more perch levels are coming out this week, is there any word on fixing the issue with perching the lineage artisan dragons?

  • Is the resurrection dragon coming out this week or next week? The season layout says this week but there hasnt been a stream for wave 2 to annouce it and the wave 2 dragon (whom the resurrection dragon is replacing) almost always comes out week 6 with the wave 2 rider.

  • When is the wave 2 stream going to be?

  • Hows is that fix for Ashes to Ashes going?

  • When can we expect to hear about the 2 upcoming atlas lines?

  • Do we need to have bred 2 artisan legendaries for builder’s hut level 62?

  • What’s your favorite color?


There are new levels this fort?
I got a response about Sepulla and PGGalileo said they didn’t think they were going to fix her but they would check (never heard back).

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Yes, level 130s come out this week. Gal previously confirmed that after he rechecked on their release date. 130s this fort and 132s during week 13.

I’ve seen similar replies. I don’t actually expect them to fix a lowly sorcerer but it is incredibly annoying for events like CC where you need as many dragons as possible to clear bases with and we have a broken mythic that doesn’t function properly. In the mean time Cal users have gotten an OP broken mythic to use since he still has his cloak bug. They managed to fix Ikaros but cant manage to add the freeze back onto Sep? That seems more like they just don’t care.

I’ll keep asking though until they finally tell me to screw off, they’re not fixing Sep.


Thank you that’s good news. I’m afraid I like sorcerers but that doesn’t mean I want the whole forum to flame me :joy::rofl:


Just wondering if any adjustments are being considered for the mythics (?) Most of opinions about them have been stated here in case you haven’t seen (although I’m sure you have :wink:)


I would like to know which dragons are getting the new skins and when will it be coming out.

The perch fix isn’t quite in yet! We don’t have a timeline for that.

The Res dragon is coming out this week - it’s Somnus I think we already announced.

The Wave 2 stream will happen at the end of this week, we will cover Somnus (even though Somnus is out already) as well as info on the rest of Wave 2.

That Ashes 2 Ashes fix has no fix date. I wouldn’t expect otherwise unless I specifically say something about it.

Probably hear about those new lines upon their release - which is 10/11

Will check on the builder’s hut question

Favorite color issss neon blue? maybe neon pink? I also like a heady maroon.


I get to claim the entire branch for free, right?


ya, ofc


:blush: :+1:


Since the wave 2 stream is happening after Somnus is released, can you tell us if there are any changes to the resurrection line? Such as will it get all the timers that previously the wave 2 dragon line used to have? Will we get a blog/forum post for Somnus about any changes to him today or tomorrow? Or could you just tell us if anything is being changed? I assume his resist is

This is very disappointing to hear. It didn’t even take this long for them to originally change Ashes 2 Ashes. Will there be any kind of compensation sent to those with Sepulla since she’s basically an unusable dragon without the freeze?

It’s very aggravating when we have events like Crystal Caves were we need usable dragons of specific classes and we have one that seems to be permanently busted


Even if i could claim it for free i wouldn’t claim it lol. Somnus won’t work, even with a buff. They need a cloak or dodge or freeze to even be remotely usable.

Especially as they have shown they can throw out a really quick fix in the way of gilas.


What about me? with Steelwing?? :roll_eyes: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Is the atlas branches limited time deals or season long?

Change your name to: Steelwing Birdy Incarnate, and ask the question again.

Can we see the portrait or you can’t use your magic hotdog powers too show us?

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[quote=“Birdy, post:15, topic:145767”]

Can I do the same with female portraits :eyes:
Edit: wow that post broke

Hmm I wonder will Somnus will still be good ?

Dose pg plan to add any changes ?Where is my FIRE FIN :rage::rage::rage: