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Happy Labor Day!

Any update to these things?
2 (better treasure hunt), 3 (full farmer/hat notification), and 7 (chat option during defense) haven’t been addressed since.


What is your Halloween costume this year?


For funsies: (since I usually harass😂)

I’m fascinated by how people choose their IGNs. Why, “Galileo?”
(And, Timber, since you’re facilitating-- why, “Timber” for you, too? :blush:)

Okay, for serious, too, since all the prim event posts have been closed…

Would there be a way to just add marginal points for upgrading prims in all atlas events? That way, we’re not hoarding xp (a la feeding event style), but we’re also getting SOMETHING to level them being that we’re already being taxed with xp, gold, and timers/diamonds to level them.


Or just add it as another category in the “training” event.

So why “Scin”?

I chose mine because I saw so many serious names, and I just got a laugh thinking of a Muppet riding a dragon.


ON TOPIC: The problem with that is it forces gold to be taxed heavily during a short period of time being that everyone saved up tons for the event to get points. That’s why if it’s just added as a metric in all events, people can level at their leisure and get something to help with accruing diamonds, shards, timers; (diamonds and timers being able to be recycled into the expedites needed anyway).

OFF: Lol long story. I figured I wanted something that was kinda dorky since we’re all playing a dragon game. :nerd_face: I love Harry Potter and I’m a Slytherin so I wanted something that sounded like a parseltongue word; came up with, “Scintillia,” but no one could pronounce it, so shorted to “Scin…” even though people still try to pronounce it like an odd version of “skin;” :roll_eyes: and I usually go by my actual name, “MJ” anyway. (If I could just be “MJ” in game that would be ideal… but can’t have 2 characters. :roll_eyes::expressionless:)

I love your reasoning in imagining a Muppet riding a dragon! Haha paints a fun, silly picture in the mind! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blue_heart:


Yes, having prim training added as an add-on to each event would remove the “inhibiting progress” comment many make.

When I read your name, I treat the “c” as silent, so you are “Sin” to me.


I like Pokémon


Yes waiting for those update

I can check on these!


I love history, space, and Queen! And it was my handle at my last job, so I like to keep my handle with me through all of my jobs.

I can check in on the prims things.


Any idea?

@PGGalileo as you’re not planning to reintroduce Primarch Training Event, what about take to 0 upgrading time? We already fight in order to increase their experience, we pay gold to level them up, the job is already done…


@PGGalileo Will we ever get storage hut upgrades?

Tell them it’s simple addition lol
We have +1 we just need them to add 1 to that making it +2
Bam treasure hunt is viable lol
Easy peasy and it’s been done before :sunglasses:

Will there be any info released this week about the Champion rider lines or do we just have to wait until Tuesday for that? It would just be good to know what to actually expect from the line itself. Will it be like previous rider lines or will it be more like resurrection dragon lines?

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The raid button does not show. I have cleared bases to 100% from Red to Harbinger on several islands, yet the button still does not appear underneath the attack button.

The raid button shows now.

Please elaborate. By “several islands” do you mean multiples of different elements on the first go round, or do you mean ones that you’ve repeated?

This was what I meant.