PGGalileo Office Hours (9/8-9/12)

Office Hours - when I’m specifically on the forums
11a-11:30am PST Mon/Weds (when available)
4pm-4:30pm PST Tues/Thurs (when available)

This thread will allow me to come in and focus on forum stuff.

You’re all welcome to join me in this thread and have fun, or ask serious questions!

Basically it will function as an AMA. I’ll do these whenever I can, but if someone schedules a meeting or something, I’ll have to take that.

I’m also still around outside of these times, but this is when I will focus on the forums instead of hopping in and out like I normally do.


Why are castle shields not recharging like normal? 12 hours disabled only 20k gained on a level 2

Is this happening to anyone else? You might want to send a ticket to support, Dirty. I’m not seeing this as a widespread issue.

I’ve been asking about, some yes some no. So my question would be what exactly are the perimeters on the guard count resetting, and things that prohibit it?

@pggalileo any thoughts? Zendesk is working on it to. Seemed like a really interesting topic.

No updates that I’m aware of! Let me know what you find out! Or you can send me your ticket number and I can just check in on it.

Do u have Instagram? :rofl: