Pggalileo-"pocketgems-is-on-dreadnought" is a sarcastic joke

cant believe I actually have to post this. Some people think its real. Learn to take a joke guys!

Did you need to post it as a separate topic though?


PG has started to sell a tinfoil hat pack. Its 70% off so its a good offer.


But there is no hint of sarcasm. :pleading_face:
PGgalileo was just open in his communication, as it is his style:


@moderators please…

Just wanted a title out there. The other one seemed like it spread misinfo to (some who can’t take a joke). Other than that, the thread has served its purpose. Close it please:)

It’s not sarcastic. It’s real man… they just want you to think they are being sarcastic so they can legally say they told the truth if they ever need to… it’s real… too real.

It’s a joke, a “funny” joke.

No it’s real… so real.

Cater to the highest paying customers…sounds reasonable :thinking: