#PGgreed: bugs, issues, nonsense, etc

– event points achievements (sigil reward gaps).
ok, every 2-3 claims of personal points achievements you get to claim a sigil. thats fine. but it is getting a bit ridiculous when you are getting to the end. at 720k pts you get the last achievable x450 sigil and next one is only at 2.4m!!! :smiley: and you only get bloody x500 sigils :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I bet spenders are pissed :slight_smile: #PGgreed

do really PG not see anything wrong with this picture?!?! x500 sigils for additional 1.4m pts?! which are not so easy to achieve and why don’t they want people to encourage to achieve it anyways?

#PGgreed and their attitude overall.
I play a lot of games and for many years, and honestly, WAR DRAGONS has the stingiest developers i have ever encountered in decades (I am talking even about PC online games). It is just ridiculous how stingy PG is that even when you buy packs you kinda get crap value. #PGgreed
other games even give rewards/compensation for bugs, servers being down, any technical issue or even grammar errors in texts, any problem caused to their players are always somehow compensated, when PG gives sh*t even for money, what to say about their developing faults, which they never admit, and when you contact them you receive a copy paste template email :slight_smile: do you guys and gals remember SYNC ERROR times, when we all had a pleasure to “enjoy” it and have lost lots of items, progress, time, peace etc, it has caused lots of stress and I personally have never ever got compensated for nothing! #PGgreed

– how much PG cares even about their spenders.
a while ago one of our teammates (big spender) lost his account (he coun’t access it anymore after restart, just like that) due to SYNC ERROR and PG took a month!!! to restore his account, initially they even have refused to do that and suggested him to restart the game :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ) after that he stopped spending his money :slight_smile: this is how easily you can loose everything you have spent on in years or you can be banned just in a click. (Kudos to PG for mass bans of cheaters tho, great job!)
but a HUGE thumbs down for banning honest people, who played a lot and spent a lot too, but were victims of game bug which was unintentionally exploited and they were banned for that, instead of simply reverting their gain to the state before exploit and issuing a warning. I have lost quite a few friends that way and they never got back to WD reasoning that they don’t want to invest their time and money anymore and to be banned again for some bug PG has issued and can’t take their responsibility, and instead of that just ban people.
when update came out fixing sync error, it was my happiest day in WD gameplay history :slight_smile: I still get it from time to time, but it is super duper mega rare but sometimes you still loose stuff (inners, dragon multipliers, energy, dragon boosts - you never get it back, luckily it has never happened during super attack LoL that would be a huge disaster).

– WD rating is constantly slowly dropping.
I have joined WD 18months ago and it had rating of 4.8 on Google Play, now it has 4.2, when other games manage to keep unchanged ratings for 3+ years. it says a lot.
but hey, maybe PG has made enough money already and they don’t really care if game dies, they will just squeeze all they can out of this project and then will release a clone and restart everything from point zero. the only superior thing PG has vs any other games is responsive customer service, i must admit it is the best I have encountered, even tho you get a pasted template quite often or a response completely OFF TOPIC (answering completely not what you have asked :smiley: ) but still it is responsive, so it always gives that feeling that eventually you have a chance to somehow solve that issue you have. Kudos for that PG! but I guess that #PGgreed is the price we pay for it.

– non clickable links in ingame newsletters
another issue I have always complained via customer service about is non clickable links :slight_smile: it is just so stupid to keep sending mass emails about twitch, youtube live streams and any other kind of news with links which you can’t click or copy :slight_smile: it is so dumb.

– game can’t be minimized.
one of the biggest complains I have ever had since day one too is that you can’t minimize the game. every single game I have ever played can be minimized, but not WD. accidental HOME tap, received phone call, some auto-popup in web browser or some stupid ad in other apps - any out of game activity kills the game and to restart it takes ages (slowest loading game I have ever encountered - this game is HUGE and for a long time it can’t be really considered a mobile game, more like a console game, you can’t even play it on data unless you have unlimited plan) and if this app close happens during attack, event (esp super attack), war or fortification event (just a moment before you tap that build button) it messes you up and you can’t get any compensation for that coz it is technically not PG fault. I kept bugging customer service for almost a year and a half now and this still have never ever been changed. more you loose - more you have to spend right?! so why it should ever have to be fixed? #PGgreed

some games can be minimized for only couple of minutes, some of them for as long as your memory isn’t wiped, but WD is the only game which can’t be minimized AT ALL, only recently in help/customer service mode this became to be possible (after introducing new customer service and ticketing system). so, if I need to respond to some messages and I don’t want to wait for that ridiculous game loading time, I have to go to HELP section and then can minimize it for a quick response and switch back to game without any losses. but why can’t it be done for the whole game overall? WHY PG?!

– most useless programmers in the world - PG programmers
few updates ago I’ve got that horrible atlas bug (my whole atlas had this purple mesh all over the map which made atlas non playable at all for 3-4 months :smiley: )
they have most useless programmers I have ever encountered :slight_smile: WD has the highest rate of bugs introduced into the game after each update I have ever encountered, it takes one update to mess whole game up and then months months and months to fix it, by that time when majority of bugs gets fixed, new update comes out with promise that rest of bugs will be fixed, which does and then introduces series of new bugs which we were not promised, so to take another couple of updates to fix :slight_smile: - never ending circle!

so many times I have asked myself - do PG even beta test anything they release or do they do tests on players who pay to PG to test their own bugs + with high risk of loosing sh*t and never to be compensated for it? :slight_smile: its like to hire robbers and pay them just to rob you :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

– attack next button.
after you attack a player in matchmaking on the left top corner you have this icon, which you tap and you can add player to bookmarks or attack next player without re-loading all matchmaking thing it is extremely useful during events, coz then after you close match making your screen is centered on armory and you have to keep scrolling back each time to your base island just to do that bloody token mission. PG why can’t you simply remember screen position like atlas does?! that constant positioning on armory is freaking annoying!!!
anyway, back to ATTACK NEXT button. this button is available for a fresh game load only, if you just have loaded a game and u decide to to token missions or quests, you will have that button and you can avoid that stupid armory centering crap (it save lots of time eventually, esp when you have to do 45 attacks for a quest). BUT if you start doing smth else (lets say atlas) and then go to matchmaking to do your tokens/quests, the BOOKMARK/ATTACK NEXT button will never appear again, till you restart the game. i kept reporting this bug a while ago, then stopped, coz tokens don’t take so many attacks in a row so it was somehow frustrating but manageable, but after quests were introduced it became a very annoying issue and after I have submitted it to customer service they said that it is not an issue coz it never ever been reported before (I can’t imagine why, since this issue exists for years, and PG staff plays this game too, didn’t they never spotted it?! how is it possible?!), then after I have submitted screenshots I was told it was passed along to developers, but to be honest, if they took 3 months to fix atlas purple screen bug (which made atlas totally not playable and what actually involved some kind of money spend) how long would they take (i really doubt they will even do anything at all) to fix such a tiny bug which apparently never ever been reported and doesn’t affect their revenue anyhow? :slight_smile: I can bet NEVER.

– time to finish :slight_smile:
here I have listed just a few game and company “bugs” which apparently never ever been reported since game creation or maybe are just way too obvious to be fixed :slight_smile: LoL

I have always reported bugs via customer service as I didn’t really see any need to write it here, but time has come, it reached the point and I have finally decided to login here and start #PGgreed, I hope it will finally reach PG audience, and WD community, who can add here more of “obvious and non reported” or #PGgreed related bugs :slight_smile:

after playing about 18+ months I have realized that PG is most selfish, narcissistic company in mobile gaming industry (maybe not the worst as I say, but I haven’t encountered anything worse tho) who cares about their own pockets only and don’t even care if this great project dies (game rating steadily dropping down), coz money can always produce the new one. BUT I still hope that maybe one day some miracle will happen, PG will realize that longevity and community is better money generation engine than its speed/time, and everything will change, experience will improve and game rating will grow back to 4.8 where it used to be.

Peace to everyone and have great, enjoyable gameplay!

#PGgreed :stuck_out_tongue:


About personal points achievement, I believe PG want to minimize the gap between whale and plankton…


Wow :flushed:. Am I reading a novel.


something like that. it took me well over a year to compile that to the point that I couldn’t hold it anymore :smiley:

As @OrcaFrost said this is a separation between the whales and the regular players.

Simple. Don’t click on notifications. It isn’t the games fault they pop up. Also if you are so bothered and annoyed by all of this then don’t play anymore, you don’t have to.

Wow, just wow. The freaking guy gives some well thought out constructive feedback after playing a long while with these ongoing issues and that’s your response. No wonder us long time lurkers who put alot of in game hours keep our posts minimal.
The game dosent give you an in game notification, it closes. All those issues have been ongoing for a long time, with no change. There are many more issues he didn’t bother to list. I for one appreciate a post from a long time player finally fed up with the lack of response to these issues.

We can all choose to play or not play, just like we all can choose not to be an asshat to someone making a decent post for once.
Sincerely, Eyehaityou


Disable all banner notifications. You’ll be much happier.

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You also summarized the effect this post will have. None.

This is a ridiculous assumption. Considering that hunter dragons are arguably the best dragon type in the game, it’s easier to hit those push notifications when you’re trying to hit a building far off in the distance. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I would if my job didn’t require me to be on call almost all the time. :sweat:

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They’ll still be in your pull down screen, they just won’t obtrusively lower down into your tapping fingers. So you’ll still get the sound/vibe that you got a text, email, etc, then you just pull down the screen and decide whether it’s worth exiting the game for xD

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I appreciate the attempt to provide feedback, but please find a more constructive way to do so. Calling our engineers and development team 'useless" doesn’t exactly give us a lot of room to work with.