PGJared AMA, because why not?

Ask me anything. I’ll be answering questions all Friday in between meetings. These can be personal or professional questions. I’ll turn staff colors on when I’m being business Jared. Just a few guidelines:

  • Don’t be gross, please
  • Don’t be shocked, but I may swear a bit
  • Please don’t be a jerk, I’m doing this for fun
  • I’m probably not going to look at your ticket, but I might ask one of my staff to!
  • I reserve the right to not answer any questions because they’re too sensitive or they’re about work stuff I can’t comment on

(I work in PST and usually get up around 6 so don’t expect any responses before then)

Update: AMA Closed! It was a lot of fun. Thanks everyone for hanging out. Here are some takeaways:

Stuff for Jared to put together on Monday:

Stuff for Jared to push for with the team:


What version do you run? And if it’s online and you are looking for members let me know xD I’m looking for a group


This is good to know, but why haven’t we seen more concrete outcomes from this pod?


I actually don’t run a D&D game! I play in one which is run by my twin brother and is a ton of fun. I’m playing a mildly evil warlock who wants to empower the mortal races by toppling the deities and giving divinity to everyone.

The game system I run my campaign in is called Invisible Sun, developed by Monte Cook. I’ve spent the last couple of years writing the campaign, and so far it’s a lot of fun. I run things a ton more narrative driven than mechanics driven, so in some sessions our players never even pick up the dice. We don’t really play online, but we do conference call in a buddy of mine who lives in LA.

That goes into the 2019 roadmap thing I talked about in Jan. Right now the team is pretty small and a lot of what they’ve been doing is behind the scenes planning. They had Q1 and Q2 to get their ducks in a row as well as get some things out the door, and now they’ve built up a head of steam and we’re going to be seeing more from them as we enter the second half of the year.

I’ll watch with my bird eyes then :eyes:


What bit of the bird does turkey bacon come off of, do you think? :thinking: :turkey:


Isn’t turkey bacon usually dark meat? I’m gonna guess drumsticks and thighs of turkeys who didn’t pass muster for the market.


(nb. I’ve been a vegetarian for nearly a decade now so I may be woefully under-informed)

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That’s awesome! I’ve actually only been in one campaign that was mostly combat run. The 5 other campaigns I’ve been in was mostly role playing with some combat thrown in. My favorite so is a DM that has a whole world created and us players have to choose what to do that aligns with our characters morals. It’s so much more fun to role play then role some dice.

My favorite character right now is my barbarian Kajiet that was a soldier in her country but had to leave to find help from other countries. She is super patriotic and stubborn and dumb enough to wear her countries banner in enemy territory. Lots of fun role playing when I get caught xD


Hahaha, that’s great! Playing flawed characters is the best. Most of my characters are a total dumbass in one way or another.


! I’ve forgotten, sorry. My team didn’t seem to know, so I’ve decided to ask whoever looks like they were open to questions :laughing:

Multiple members of my team think Morningstar is a fantastic brand of fake bacon, btw :smiley:


Morningstar does some tasty stuff! I think they’re the best fake breakfast links on the market. I generally don’t eat fake meat though, unless I’m out with friends and get an impossible burger or something.

(For my money impossible burger beats beyond burger, but YMMV)

If you’re character isn’t flawed then is it real? I always try to make real characters so they come to life. It’s so frustrating to play with people who don’t make real characters or who meta game.

What’s your favorite character so far?


In general what is the desired/expected rate of new players to reach end game and or near end game?

Total time of game owned / actively played to reach it?

Can my favorite character be one I don’t play? One of my players made this character in my campaign who is a Maker (meaning their magic works by making magical objects instead of just tossing a fireball or whatever) and they’re incredibly socially awkward. An NPC who was about as “HI DUDE I HAVE A QUEST FOR YOU” as you can get walked up and asked the character if they could help them, and the character just said “no” and walked away. We were laughing so hard we all had to take a break.

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I don’t actually know that off the top of my head, and I think that’s in the realm of things I can’t share.

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Would we be able to get a roadmap of QoL initiatives pretty soon seeing that we’re almost halfway through the year of the player?


I think that’s a reasonable request. I can try to get you a list of “things we’re trying to get out in Q3” if that works?


That would be awesome