PGJared AMA, because why not?

Maybe a slightly cliche question, but what’s your favorite part of your job?

I know on one hand you have to deal with many hours of meetings, and the PX side presumably involves a lot of players yelling at you for things you have no control over, but surely there’s something in there you enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face:

With so many good portraits, why do you use the unknown oldier?

I’m not a game developer, so I can’t say. Sorry!

We have a long-running joke about which of us is the older twin. I was supposed to be the older twin, but there was an emergency and they had to get him out of there first via surgical intervention. I don’t think it’s really impacted our lives other than us making a very stupid joke for over 30 years.


I can suggest that as a minor QoL improvement.

Jokerit, mostly. I used to cheer for the Cowboys, but I haven’t watched American Football in years.

They’re not really getting worse. I think that’s more fatigue than anything else, which is definitely a problem.

Working! Ever since Crisis and Arelyna were hired I haven’t really needed to be on the forum as much, and my work has gotten busy enough that I haven’t had any spare time.

Getting to go to bat on behalf of players. I’m a naturally argumentative and opinionated person, so getting to be a jerk for a good cause is nice.

Because the PGJared account has actually never been played and I’m too lazy to furnish the account with portraits.


can we have this implemented @PGJared :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can suggest it! I’m not the one who gets to make the calls on features, but I can always sit down with the respective folks and pitch the idea.


I, for one, have never noticed this purported trait in your personality…




Can we get the screen optimised for the ipad 3 having a black border is so annoying

I’m honestly not sure about that one. I’ll check. Also that’d be a really low priority.

Perception is reality for most. Do you think somewhat regular updates on what bugs have been squashed or are at least targeted would help combat the fatigue? Get some messaging out there that PG is actively working towards a more stable platform.


Possibly! That’s definitely something my team can handle.


Awesome. Next one.

Every game has some obvious gating factor and timers is the big one here. Two problems. First, the net timers available has gone down since January and second there is no real way to grind them.

Can we get a method to actually grind them? An example would be the mission balloon that gives the option of tokens or timers or better yet two missions per column, 1 for tokens and 1 for timers? I’m trying to avoid Atlas as the method, normal in game so those without Atlas benefit.

If the mission idea isn’t the right place can we work on it until we find the right place? I don’t want to just bump monument drops because that is mindless. I like the idea of having to make a decision or take an action.


Do you play war dragons? If so, are you casual or hardcore? What league are you in? Approximately what level? What breeding tier?

The expedite economy is something the QoL team is looking at.

I don’t play as much as I used to, tbh. Back when I first started War Dragons was my main responsibility, but I’ve shifted to handle a few games as my responsibilities grew. I’m in the 280s on one of my accounts, but I haven’t actually played in a couple of weeks. It’s been very busy recently, as you can probably imagine.


there are two Jared :flushed: double the Pan :flushed:

What are your pet peeves :eyes:
what do you think about the Ending of GOT…if you watch GOT that is :eyes:

Atlas banking ledger resets over the weekend which is mid event
can it possibly be changed to reset just before events start
Wednesdays at 1pm PST
then we at least get a ledger summary of the whole event


they have been out for over 6 months and still waiting

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When people are proud of ignorance. It’s okay to not know a thing, but to think not knowing a thing is somehow superior irks me.

I don’t watch it, sorry.

I can talk to the Atlas team about that. They likely have some kind of good reason though, so no promises.

Hopefully they have direct access to the GPF and can bounce ideas back and forth? I have faith the GPF can help find a good balance. A sold improvement on timers might move the player sentiment needle quite a bit in the right direction.

(Ignore the football!)

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