PGJared exposed


Recently, there has been a study about what the mythical creature known as PGJared really looks like. With help of an insider to his cult, we have been sent information that THIS is really him. Mythical as he may be, he is human. He is looking good with the hat and moustache. He has also been questioned as To whether he rides a horse to work but we have had no reply from him yet.

Perhaps the PG employees aren’t a as mythical as we think, could they all be… Cowboys from a secret PG cowboy cult? Who Knows…

I hope this provides some insight into how much of a bad ass this guy is. Would love to arm wrestle one day :muscle:t2:

See you back at the ranch Jared. Peace out.

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I dont remember seeing any ranches in San Francisco last time I was there.
In all fairness, I didn’t even consider stopping or looking around until I got to the other side of that bridge Godzilla and space aliens destroy every few years :smile:


Omg that’s gold :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: when we ask the last time Godzilla destroyed it? Bet Jared came riding on his horse with a lasoo ( bad spelling ) and just took that overgrown banana out like the savage he is! And then stopped to curl his moustache :upside_down_face:



Omg… hi sorry makeup’s changes him so much… he’s actually pretty hot.

I miss pixxel. Really helped me stay positive about life. Wipes tear.


I don’t have the beard anymore, and that cardigan got destroyed at a company event, but otherwise it’s pretty accurate.


You might actually be quite hot :joy: but you’re still a cowboy to me.


:thinking: destroyed makes me think that it got lit on fire… crazy events


What do cowboys drink?


I haven’t been to a PG event that involved lighting cardigans on fire, but if there ever was one, I know I’d see PGJared at the front of that line. :fire:


Did someone say fire?!?!?!?!?


Fire? Nuuu… Wait…


Where is pixxel, she is my only reason for playing.

Jk jared ur a good dude, idc what Lx460 says about u. :wink:


Where pixxel go now ? Now she is not in pg team .


She’s been gone for months