PGJared is taking a vacation!?


Hey folks,

Just wanted to let y’all know I’ll be on vacation starting the 25th. I want to spend some time with certain members of my family and take care of a few chores / projects that I’ve been neglecting. Arelyna and PGCrisis will be here and active on the forum, and the PX staff will still be answering tickets.

We will be rejecting any and all requests to escalate a ticket to me while I’m gone, because it won’t be there to answer them. I also won’t be checking the forum or responding to any PMs or Tweets or whatever. As y’all may have noticed from my forum posting schedule, I tend to respond at weird hours and work 7 days a week and I need to slow down a bit.

I will be back in the office in mid-Feb. I’m not giving the exact date because I’ll need a few days to get back up to speed.

I will try to make sure any messages waiting for a response from me are responded to before the 25th.

Unannounced price increase - 10%
Send all the pet pictures :heart:
Breeding Progression Proposal: Tear down this (Sapphire) wall!
Breeding Progression Proposal: Tear down this (Sapphire) wall!
Level 65 towers. What say the players?

Good for you to take some Jared time! Thanks for all you do and have a great time away.


Awesome, enjoy your vacation. Spend some time cooking up some new culinary delights (and share pics when you return, most importantly)!


Oh dip I forgot to share photos of the buddha’s hand candy I made!


So what you’re saying is we have 11 days to flood you with messages? Challenge ACCEPTED


Hope you have a great time on your well deserved holiday.


Enjoy your holiday. Thanks for all you do for the community.


Enjoy your break. And drink some extra beer/wine for all of us pls :joy:


Enjoy your well earned time off.
P.S. I have an old cabinet that needs a makeover!


I’m not Bob Vila. I just like to do projects at home…


So you haven’t been cloned yet? :slight_smile:

Enjoy your time off. You truly put a lot into the game, and it shows.


Have a safe and enjoyable vacation. Sleep in, give lots of cuddles, wear your pjs all day, and most importantly … floss at least once a day. :grin:


Have fun :smiley: - hope that your cat is free of the cone of shame soon too!


Will you marry me?


Enjoy Jared! Get them chores done, read yourself a book or two!


WTF??? (AKWARD PAUSE) He isnt going to give you dibs on new content or packs. :joy:


Enjoy your time with your family, Jared! Have fun! :love_you_gesture:


lol I’m looking at your reply confused then I remember asking him to marry me this morning :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:


Can I be one of the flower girls? :rofl:


Yes! We get married in the PG office :grin: