PGJared is taking a vacation!?


You have a lots of issues of games…
Are you kidding us?


He’s also not the one working on them. Remember he is the messenger that helps deal with tickets. When it comes to programing, he doesn’t do that. When it comes to bug fixes, he doesn’t do that. We will be fine.


Time to start a riot :fire::fire:


Let the guy rest.


Have fun, you deserve a break from this motley crew. (self included)


Not joking at all. I know there are a lot of issues in the game and me taking time off isn’t in any way meant to minimize that. I’ve been working at this company for about a year and a half now, mostly 7 days a week through holidays and such. In total I’ve taken very little time off.

(This isn’t because PG forced me to. No one go after them because I’m bad at work/life balance.)

I’m taking this time off so I can rest a bit and get my head on straight. When I come back I’ll be better able to tackle the issues going on in game and provide better support to y’all.


Perhaps your cat’s cone of shame needs to be repurposed if you don’t :thinking:


I agree with forScience. PG should consider making you wear the cone if you don’t practice good work/life balance. They need to get you an assistant or three.


Cheers… unplug and thanks for all your efforts!


Reminder that this starts tomorrow! I will not be reading the forum or responding to any tickets after today. If you ask for a ticket to be escalated to me our team will deny that request and escalate it to a lead instead.


enjoy your vaca!!!


I’m back, y’all!

$5 for 520 Sigil gift

And not a moment too soon. You have much work to do :rofl::+1:


Welcome back! Hope you had a relaxing vacation.


:thinking: Did you come back just to keep this thread open?

And welcome back and good luck catching up to the thousands of things :see_no_evil:


Welcome back Jared ! :smiley:

Missed you, please look into the breeding issue where i tagged you :slight_smile:
Hope that backbreeds will be soon adapted , more could be talk there ^^

Dont worry, we wont make life harder, not that you go soon again to a nice holiday trip :smiley:


Does this mean you’re not attending our Valentine’s Day dinner date?




I did! I read a few novels, remodeled my kitchen and bedroom (nothing major, just building furniture and installing lighting and stuff), played some games with friends, and cooked a ton of food!


Yeah. There’s a lot to catch up on. I’ll be a slow-starter for the rest of this week most likely as I read through the hundreds of emails I received.