PGJared is taking a vacation!?


Sorry, but I threw out my back over the weekend and can hardly walk, let alone go out on the town. Maybe next year.


You planned this around 4.0 didn’t you. Say it is so! :joy:


Waiting to see your remodelled house :star_struck:


Hahahaha! I appreciate the desire to see my tiny apartment, but I’m going to keep images of my personal life to a minimum. It was mostly organization and storage stuff anyways.


I see it coming … the next facebook video…

Cooking with Jared - what can we learn more than we already did :smiley:
Kidding … as long as you keep be fine, nothing more need for here .


I’m pretty sure that Jared’s cat took out the servers.


Confirmed. :cat:


The only kind of cooking Jared does:


Thats during work, but outside work people want something tasty too :smiley:

At least good meal makes happy :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad you’re back man.

Have fun catching up on all the reading–hopefully they have a “digest” version. :smiley:


But was Jared’s cat motivated by a laser pointer? Or did it just want to watch us all lose our minds? We may never know.


Thought you lived in a ranch?


Nope, just an apartment. Y’all think I’m way more of a cowboy than I am. (Though, if you’d met me 15 or so years ago you wouldn’t be wrong.)


LOL we know your true nature thanks to your work colleagues muwahahahahaha
Plus you say Y’all and all cowboys say that instead of you all.


I say y’all because it’s correct in basically every language (including English). I think I picked it up when I was studying French (vous), but by the time I’d moved on to German (ihr/Sie) and Japanese (pretty much anything with -tachi) it’d pretty much stuck with me.


Of course y’all is correct. Only cool people say y’all.


Nooooooo :rofl: