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  1. Could you please elaborate?
  2. We try to bring a “brand new” spell to each season and most lineage tiers. We try to have these spells open up something brand new that we can work with in the future. In recent memory: Spectral Form, Alter Fate, and Way of the Blade.
  3. War Dragons has had three classes since the dawn of the game. Creating a 4th class who’s identity feels unique (and not like a warrior-hunter hybrid) would be quite challenging. That said, it’s something we’ve discussed, but we’re unsure how to go about starting this process.
  4. Could you please elaborate?
  5. We’re always thinking about new runes and those are a couple really cool ideas! We already have CD runes in the game, but AOE size would be interesting.
  6. Design is on it!
  7. The place we’d most likely see that is Suddene (it’s the only place we’e seen so far that has any sort of cultural reminiscent of European culture.


Is there any chance to make regular dragons relevant again, speaking of lower tiers, I’m flying sapp mythic on my mini and they are such a pleasure to fly (at that level)


What do you think about updating equipped (crafted) resists to include modern towers? This would make older dragons a bit more viable and older towers a bit more interesting.


There are a fair amount of constraints applied on design (two spells that both affect a dragon’s speed cannot be on the same dragon, for example). We’ve gotten good at figuring out work-arounds, however. We don’t like particularly cool ideas being squashed by old code.

Mass Effect 3 came out seven years ago O.o Don’t remind me

  1. We’re definitely not opposed to it.
  2. Legendary Warriors are in a weird spot where if their spell kits are too powerful than they feel like Mythics (something we don’t want). That said, Legendary Warriors lacking the tools required to find any amount of defended success is definitely something I’m not happy with.

That’s a good idea I can bring back to the design team! Thank you.


Do you feel defensive hammers massively contribute to the huge discrepancy between defended and undefended runs? Do you think removing hammers from the game and increasing tower health to compensate would be a plausible solution or are hammers here to stay? :cry:


Well to elaborate on the disparity between the classes, the sorcerer for example can’t kill a tower to save its life with basic attacks, and without a proper defense to protect its rage it drops like a fly every time. The warrior is on my ever good for that tier, and seem to have a bit of an issue like their suppose to be a tank and take out a few towers for clearance, but rarely seem to fulfill that; generally because they have a drastic imbalance with hammers and being able to endure enough damage to fulfill their role; which is some respects means they’re the most balanced of them all. Meanwhile the hunter has a dramatic arsenal of tricks.

  1. The mechanic behind healing potions has been engrained in the game for quite some time. Making considerable changes to that mechanic would significantly disrupt the game. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider it as an option, but I’m always leery of pulling out blocks from the bottom of the jenga-tower, so to speak.

  2. Accessibility is something I take seriously in game design. Fortunately, there aren’t many dragons like S&H that require that much user-input. One way to work around this is to create spells that require more mental input and less physical input (more decision making, less frantic tapping).

  3. Seasonal Dragons devaluing their lineage counterparts is definitely not good. That said, we want seasonal dragons to be as cool as possible. Changing older dragons would be great for those currently in those tiers, but any players who have progressed past that point would feel bad (lineage dragons being buffed but they’re uselessly underpowered for high tiers).


@PGLawson you speak of dragons needing skill - then why is Itzani rewarding bad flying by letting it hit for an additional 6 seconds with extra ammo to boot?


No - they wouldn’t care TBH… :slight_smile:
Do it!


Amarok with dark flak and fire flak resist pls


Currently empyrean expert is around 410-20🤔 anyways based on the level curve you guys can create tiers up to about 550 before the player population able to breed is miniscule. So roughly 2-3 years before your dragons exceed any reasonable attainable player level


Way of the blade is a new mechanical skill, but from appearences alter fate is just a modification of time shift stats, and so is spectral form.


“Hammer Spam” is a thing for a reason. That said, nerfing hammers feels bad for everyone who’s worked hard to acquire so many hammers. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pursue a solution. One reason behind warriors feel week defended is that they have the least burst damage out of all three classes, which is the best way to circumvent hammer healing.

Not every dragon should have a skill-gate, as there are many different types of players and not everyone wants to be highly skilled at flying hunters. These players should have access to fun/powerful hunters as well. That said, there shouldn’t be uber-powerful dragons that require no skill whatsoever. Itzani may be able to kill one island during its state of undeath, but it cannot clear the entire island in this state.


#4. Just wondering if PG can set healing time to be as low as possible (possibly 0? :eyes: ), since heal potion / heal time isn’t really a limiter for high (Some 300+ players lack heal potions while the others have too many. No real difference between Empyrian and Orange as well).

#6. We have Temple Raid for it :sunglasses:


Spectral Form may function like cloak but “cloak” versus “cloak but you can cast spells” play completely different. Cloak is used as an evasive spell to protect one’s self whereas Spectral Form acts like a steriod/empowered state. You don’t want to cloak forever because then you’re not doing anything. Spectral Form is the highlight of Pathox flying, whereas cloak is rarely the highlight of your typical hunter.


Are there any dragons in the game you currently feel are too powerful?


The problem with that is most bases have one to two kill islands. Allowing the dragon to totally destroy an entire kill while dead is grossly unfair IMO.

A reduction to 3 seconds is much better - allows Itz to still damage but doesn’t allow it to completely obliterate the kill.


I believe that most dragons are in a good state. I’ve been listening to feedback regarding Vanguard Mythic dragons (Oni in particular) but I expect the release of Empyrean Towers to curb any particular offenders. We extensively tested Ronin and Zenko to ensure that they launched in a healthy state, and we’re happy with what we’ve seen so far for Springblossom.


Oh cloak is a highlight - trust me. Blue cloak especially :smiley:


I’d say the main issue with Itzani is that its kit rewards players for dying. You generally don’t want to reward players for achieving a fail-state, as it tends to be confusing and not very satisfying. If I could go back in time, I’d probably change Undying Will to be some other fun mechanic.