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I said it functions like time shift from hauset, like all it feels for that spell is you changed the speed modifier, and removed the rewind function.


:thinking: you can… :eyes::rofl:

Ok I better run - people might kill me…

  1. Any plan to increase damage multiplier on Death Gaze, now that we have buildings which cannot be one-shot.


Are there any spells that you consider a complete flop? Like desolation on Girasol for example.


Then they wouldn’t have gamde girasol 2.0


Shield Assault went poorly. Having a warrior that consumes rage-over-time but not having any ways to protect its rage was poorly designed, to be honest. Going back, I may have put that spell on a mythic warrior and also given it ways to either generate rage or protect its rage resources.

I liked Explosive Aegis (Huitzil’s shield) but that dragon is marred in poor reception not related to the design of its spells.


That’s something we should probably do :slight_smile:


Probably related to bug.

Found that Elemental Mayhem doesn’t work on Temple Raid’s Shrine Guardian (IceTurretBoss and FireTurretBoss). Can it be fixed?
Also Steal Essence family as well (all boss tower).


any idea when spells like healing mark, hunters mark etc… will actually be able to be used properly in atlas bases. ie. when will it be fixed so they can properly be applied to monuments on atlas base.


I don’t have an idea of when this will be fixed but I do agree that it’s an issue that should be solved.

I’d reach out to PGRocket or PGChocolate about this. I’m not very familiar with how events are set up.


Temple Raid introduces new towers, which doesn’t listed in E-Mayhem.



This has likely been asked, but if so, I didn’t see a response yet. Is it possible to consider letting us sell back towers in storage, for perhaps partial reimbursement of supplies? Or perhaps put them towards the building or increase of a different tower? Thank you.


I haven’t talked about that yet. This idea of recycling towers has been talked about a good bit but we’re unsure how to best go about solving the problem. Some of this inaction is related to technical constraints, others is actually finding a proper solution to the issue. In short: we’re aware of the issue and we’d really like to fix it but we’re not sure how.


That depends actually because I do it all the time. If it’s a long Long Island (islands 4/5 for instance) I can kill 6-8 towers within the 6 second spam depending on hammers and possible shields that are up.


I have a suggestion actually, about coming out with some kind of base edit mode where you can adjust base towers and runes and such without actually having to pay to remove them in the edit mode. Only if you wished to maked the edit live on your base. What would your opinion be on making this a reality.


Thank you for the response.


I think a feature like this would be really useful for players wishing to experiment with their base. We have a lot of ideas we’d like to get into the game, and we’re sadly constrained by time. A feature like this would definitely improve the player experience, and that’s always an easy sell for why something should be worked on :slight_smile:


@PGLawson, do you get basic ideas for the art team to draw? Or do you also make art?


PGKharnyx and I meet to talk about season high-concepts. For Duskfall, we talked about the renaissance theme and what dragons in that theme would look like. We brainstormed a few concepts (Knight-errant dragon, dragon based on a plague doctor, etc). As far as art goes, I’m not very practiced at drawing, digitally or otherwise. I have some experience with 3d-modeling and animation, but I can’t produce work of a quality I’d consider art. If you count music, however, I play Cello, String Bass, and Bass guitar.


@PGLawson one thing you could do to decrease the gap between defended and undefended is to allow for players to assign their super shots to towers preemptively