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I like that idea. In general, I’m supportive of making the defending AI more consistent/smart. It feels bad that a base you build to be well-used by defenders won’t perform nearly as well under the defending AI.

Does a base shot some supershots even if not defended?

You could also go a bit further with sword and shield application sequences. But hammers should remain defenders only



Is there a possibility of having the community design a dragon for this summer season based off of your design concepts?


We haven’t had a contest where the community designed a dragon’s spells in quite some time but Duskfall saw the release of Somnus, who was drawn with the community’s help on a twitch stream and the community also wrote the dragon’s lore and came up with the name. I’d definitely like for that to return!


Oh, it will. :wink:


I mean, the community draws a base design, and the art team refines a winning design!


Could the spells be…better this time?


Regarding the dragons the community has contributed to art and lore-wise, or the dragons they’ve contributed to spell-wise?


How do you feel about the problem of some people abusing maximum hammer drop rate (ie someone dropping hammers 3x faster than normal)

This is a fairly prevalent problem that people come across.

Have you considered making hammers a heal over time vs a spike heal?

If max heal is 30% per hammer
Max expected drop rate is 1 per 3s
30%/3s = 10%/s
Per unique hammer application of course

This could also help ease the problem of warriors low burst damage

Tweak away for balance ofc :grin::+1:


That’s a cool idea as well. I can ask PGKharnyx. He’s the one who’d put that together.


Ever considering weird tower effect?
Like self heal (not ss), attack speed buff, projectile speed penalty, etc?


Please do!


We’ve considered towers that transform into different towers when they die. Towers that don’t attack at all (and have passive effects). One of my favorites is a nesting-doll type tower that keeps getting smaller and smaller every time you kill it (and it deals less health and damage). None of these ideas have gotten close to being in the game, but brainstorming goofy towers is always a fun exercise.


Also, seems that from Legendary Empyrian release, new hunter’s projectile speed is faster that previous hunters (120 instead of 110)

  1. Is it intentional?
  2. Any plan to update old hunters?

Following them, Apophet’s shot during Nightfall is slower than regular. Is it intentional?


I would love to see combinations of towers on the same 5-isle produce different outsize effects.

This will make base building a whole lot more interesting than the current meta. Basically force players to shoot for a certain effect (due to it’s outsize nature) yet by doing that produce certain vulnerabilities that could be exploited.


The spells that were selected :stuck_out_tongue:


All of the above?


Will we have expanded breeding matrix for Sapphire and beyond? :eyes:

(Hoping for Jackpot dragon like Slynx)


@PGLawson lineage dragon runing is at a disadvantage to seasonal runing, not only do the seasonals get 2 descent custom runes/glyphs to apply, meaning you only need an additional 3 from your storage, but they also have a built in means of getting at least a portion of the rune dust to fully equip their runes. In start contrast the lineage dragons have to get 5 from your rune bank, have no assistance on the rune dust, and no rune will directly affect the spells in their kit like the seasonal ones do. Do you have any thoughts to address this?


Questions right up until the end, I love it! And we even went over today! Thanks so much for joining us in today’s AMA. Lawson will be in and around the Forums if you’d like to follow up with other questions outside of this thread. See you at the next one! :tada: