PGs amazing work

I just wanted to create this page to congratulate PG on doing such a fine job of running this game. To do so I thought I would make a list of their amazing accomplishments:

  1. gear, the greatest thing you did for this game. It was so incredibly over powered we had no choice to go for it and it has ever since been a source of income. Best game breaking mechanic I have ever seen a game deploy and the fact they did it in such a way that many people like gear is truly fantastic! Honestly that’s amazing!

  2. atlas in general: this is a massive map they designed which is now the sole focus of this game for most. It is riddled with bugs, completely messes will all sense of balance but since the main game is so boring and the gear factor is so important people actually think PG did a good job! Sure their servers can’t handle it but oh well, we get gear right!?! It’s amazing PG pulled this off and wow, go PG again.

  3. the addition of new towers has long been a successful cash grab for PG and they should be commended for it. Time after time they have added new OP towers that players needed to adapt their bases just to stay relevant. I must commend PG for making zero effort to keep all towers as feasible choices for all bases. Amazing that they managed this without revolts. So again well donePG!

  4. PG has done an amazing job with each expansion of this game. The rate of expansion in this game has been excessive since sapphire was released. They have expanded the # of towers per tier by a factor of 2. They continue to push more tires down our throats claiming they need something new for whales yet at no point have they considered introducing more than 12 dragons per tier…. Sure it would make sense to offer many dragons every tier and have all towers be viable to create diversity and options for all but apparently making it a limited over priced chase to the finish was PGs choice and somehow players supported this. So again we’ll done PG! Your ability to manipulate your players into obedience is uncanny! Truly excellent work!

  5. I’ll write later as I need to get my kids to bed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I can promise you it will be more praise for PGs fine work over the last 6 years.

As a side note for those who want to flag this; dont. I haven’t called out anyone, I’m not being directly confrontational, and everything I said is true. Constructive (even passively aggressive) criticism is a positive thing.


How do i get on this passive aggressive faction because your 100% correct and many more things they are absolutely useless about


A series of fantastic points that I resonate with and delivered in a way that only Mike can achieve.

I look forward to part 2.

From my perspective, a large outcome of the points above is a game predicated solely on power creep. It is so linear that like how Juno recently expressed, there is little to look forward to once the N-1 to N tier barrier is achieved and atlas becomes the main focus.

My experience was that poor management of Atlas introduction and expansion made this game a job. I was in team leadership and, by virtue of this, an Atlas rep. All hours of the day there were fights and the game invaded so heavily on personal time but instilled a want for me to help the teammates that relied on alliance affairs to succeed in giving them an experience to enjoy. This burnt me out and I never regained a like, let alone love, for Atlas since stepping back from those roles in 2019.


I wonder is this another useless thread or is it just me? Oh nvm it’s sarcasm at it’s finest and it’s definitely a useless fact thread

You and this Luna lady say that as though there is useful rantings to be done…

Are there useful Threads? If so where?


All around the forums except the universal stones ones

This is the direct result of acquisition being the only objective and that drives that linear power creep! Lol
The core game is based on acquisition of power and growth to drive spending they tried short term events to provide a objective but events become repetitive quickly so they tried a season long event and that failed to really provide revenue because it was never ran again lol the great contest was not profitable…….

So we needed a long term objective to provide revenue so the map was added ……
Finally something that held the potential to supply a long term objective and we tried to tell them acquisition of defense “castles “will not support a long term objective :man_shrugging:
It will degrade and produces mega alliances stagnation piracy sandbagging and lag :+1:

So you think the random “I want this as a future Devine” threads are more useful than actual legitimate pointed criticism? Hmmm no wonder PG is so successful…

Also arnt these resurrection lines basically a limited universal stone? :crazy_face:


You failed - your post is sycophantic, not passive aggressive. Mike has high standards.

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Indeed… if only players suggested variety as being a legitimate game feature years ago… oh wait.


Cornbread dragon :dragon:

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It truly doesnt matter because pg thinks hunters and super fast fingers are only ones that should be able to achieve end game bases anyway anything else is useless under real defense

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Whomever flagged this thread… stop. I didn’t call out anyone and everything I said was true. Since when was constructive criticism a bad thing?

Whomever flagged this post… stop. Morreiom didn’t call out anyone (except Me) and everything He said was true (although in my Opinion off the mark :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). Since when was constructive criticism a bad thing?

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I did find “useless ranting” and “hollow rambling” a bit incongruous. Didn’t flag it, of course.

Didn’t you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nah, although sorely tempted, I have never flagged someone for diction. Well, maybe not never. But not in this case.

Could you point out the constructive bits again?

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Still waiting on any entries of your sorath rim videos.


I didn’t think I had to, but since you asked I will spell it out for you based on my points:

  1. gear is OP and unbalances the game.
  2. atlas is a mess and perhaps atlas isn’t their answer in keeping this game fun (at least not how atlas currently works).
  3. all towers should be balanced and viable which related to my next point regarding variety.
  4. variety can keep all players engaged and PG doesn’t not need a bunch of new tiers and towers they should try more options (Obviously they will have to do a bit of both). There is no reason that there should only be 9 dragons each tier, he’ll there could be 20 and certainly more than 1 or two should be viable. points 3 and 4 I think are PGs biggest failures. Every base should be different, significantly so, that you can then use various strategies to destroy each base. They should be a bigger part of this game and the game is doing this less so. At least back in gold-garnet you couldn’t just solo a base defender like you can now. Different strategies were needed especially depending of the base. Set-up dragons were a thing! People didn’t need to solo. It was a more interesting game then and it is a shame that went away.

Speaking this ways goes against my factions core values but I suppose I always underestimate some people.