PG's Response To A Game Bug That Wasted My Money And Time (Resolved)


Some background, during the spring season I first finished the egg token boost, then got as far as I could on the discount dragon Aibrean. Once I finished Aibrean I help my sigils for awhile but eventually decided to go for Fomhar, figuring if I get at least Garnet it would be worth my time. I got within 1250 sigils from that Garnet Stone, with 360 sigils in my pocket so I decided I should open 10 super sigil chests to make up the difference and depending on how that goes maybe open 20 more and decide from there. However, the game glitches and I can open the 10 chests but am never credited the 1300 sigils contained in the chest and my game crashes every time. I open up a ticket on June 4th and have transcribed all of the messages below to make it more readable but will post screenshots so you do not think I am changing PG’s response.

Google Photos Album With Screenshots


Jun 4, 7:36 PM PDT

Super sigil chests, I have opened 10 of them 3 or 4 times now. Each time the exact same contents 1300 sigils. But Everytime it crashes the game and my sigils are not there and my rubies are not used. Can this be resolved?

Crysta (wardragons)

Jun 4, 8:28 PM PDT

Hi, Sunraiser!

Thanks for writing us. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having trouble opening sigil chests!

Can you please fully close out of the game and reopen it, if you haven’t already done so? This will kind of “refresh” your game, so it should help. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Tap the Home button to return to your Home screen

  2. Tap the "Recent Apps" button (it looks like two overlaid boxes)

  3. Look through the list of recently launched apps and find War Dragons

  4. To close War Dragons, hold your finger on it and use a swiping motion to send it off the side of the screen

Thanks for your help!


Jun 4, 8:37 PM PDT

I have done that at least twice and it looks like it works for a few seconds then the error message comes up and the game restarts.

Crysta (wardragons)

Jun 4, 11:47 PM PDT

Hey again, Sunraiser!

Thanks for updating us. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re still having trouble with this.

As the next step, would you mind removing and reinstalling the game?

Don’t worry, as you don’t have to fear losing your progress or access to your account. I already checked and can see that you’ve registered a Pocket ID with us. The game should automatically load up your game upon reinstallation, but if it doesn’t, all you’ll need to do is sign back in and you’ll be good to go.

Thanks for your help!


Jun 5, 5:54 AM PDT

I just reinstalled and it does the same thing with the game restarted to sync back up with the servers or something.


Jun 5, 7:50 AM PDT

Here is the message that has come up




Jun 5, 4:50 PM PDT

I still cant open and the event is ending in 7 hours, i need to open these chests before the event end so please help me.


Jun 5, 8:02 PM PDT

I can’t stay awake forever, and I’ve been hoping for a response all day. I have been planning to open at least 30 super sigil chests and this really puts a damper on the season. I want my I Fomhar at least to garnet and was thinking about going all the way to obsidian. Can you extended the season, or Grant me the rewards? I mean this doesn’t seem like anything I can control.

Crysta (wardragons)

Jun 5, 10:21 PM PDT

Hey again, Sunraiser!

Thanks for getting back to us. I’m sorry for the delay!

I’m also sorry to hear that the reinstall didn’t work for you. We unfortunately will not be able to extend the season or claim any prizes for you, but hopefully we’ll get this working for you with enough time left to get some last minute claims in.

I took a look and can see that you haven’t updated to our new update that we released this evening (4.35). It contains a few fixes, so please update as soon as you can and let us know if you notice an improvement.

Thanks for your help!


Jun 5, 11:04 PM PDT

Just updated, it is the exact same issue. I have taken video of exactly what is going on at this point.


Jun 5, 11:14 PM PDT

Claiming a single chest is doing the exact thing as claiming 10 just as an update. I need you to do something. I have l now stayed up until 1am to resolve this issue, and nothing is working. Multiple times I have restarted and reinstalled the game. It is up to date, I am claiming bronze chests without any problem. There are 45 minutes left and there is no way I am going to stay up for 45 more minutes waiting for your response. Hoping to get this working didnt help, so what are the next steps to resolving this?

Crysta (wardragons)

Jun 5, 11:25 PM PDT

Hi again, Sunraiser!

Thanks for getting back to us. I’m so sorry again to hear that this is still an issue for you.

In that case, would you mind sending the video our way? You’ll need to upload it somewhere like YouTube and send us the link once it’s uploaded.

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that we may not be able to get this resolved for you before the season ends since it’s ending very soon, but at the very least we can try and get this issue solved for you before the new season begins.

Thanks for your help!


Jun 6, 6:12 AM PDT


Jun 6, 1:16 PM PDT

So what am I going to do now?


Jun 6, 3:17 PM PDT

Am I going to get credited for this season sigils or are you going to give me a garnet evolve stone for Fomhar? I had 260 sigils, and the chests added up to 1300 which I have video proof of. Doing some math I should have been able to get the garnet stone and spent the leftover 310 sigils getting the first 3 rewards in another dragons branch for 1 gold chest, 3 silver chests, and 200 egg tokens. I feel that it is fair to credit me all of those and take the 5,000 rubies. If you can’t then credit me 1550 of the summer sigils, the 1300 from the sigil chests and then 250 sigils I could have spent if the game was working correctly.

To be clear I wouldn’t be asking this if this was a failure on my part to spend the tokens in time. I opened this support ticket June 4th to make you aware of the issue, followed all instructions and even stayed up very late into the night waiting for a response and a fix but nothing came. If this was user error then I wouldn’t be sending this, but I am someone who is a computer professional who followed all instructions and did my absolute best and was simply unable to make the game work as it should. This was a failure on the function of the game and I want to feel valued as a consumer who has paid well into the value packs that support the development of this game.

Crysta (wardragons)

Jun 7, 12:12 AM PDT

Hi, Sunraiser!

Thanks for getting back to us. I’m so sorry for the frustration this has caused you.

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve gone ahead and passed this up to our specialist team so they can check things out and consider your request. Please keep in mind that it may take a bit for them to get back to you, as they’re looking at other issues as well, but they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience while we look into this for you!

Peter (wardragons)

Jun 8, 10:21 AM PDT

Hi Sunraiser,

Thanks for waiting. Unfortunately, we cannot credit prizes or items from the previous season, but I have credited 5 Gold Chests to alleviate the pain this has caused. Please accept this as a token of good will.

Thank you very much. Happy hunting!


Jun 10, 6:39 AM PDT

So just to clarify the situation. War dragons glitched and did not allow me to claim the 1300 sigils it showed me. So I was effectively cheated out of a garnet stone on one of the best hunters in the game after I had put 16,600 sigils toward it. And to compensate me for my trouble I get 5 gold chests. I’m sorry but that doesn’t seem like the right compensation for the weeks of work in the events and money I put into the game to get the the brink of a milestone and not be able to accomplish it due to a games technical difficulties. Can you see where I am coming from and how you would feel in my situation?

Walid (wardragons)

Jun 11, 1:55 AM PDT

Hello Sunraiser,

I’m very sorry about this. However, I am unable to compensate you for this issue at this time. I understand how hard it is to not get the evolution stone you’ve been working for and as much as we would like to compensate players for any issue that arises, because we do want everyone to be happy, it cannot always be done. Unfortunately, throwing compensation at the issue normally does not fix the situation. Experience has shown that throwing compensation out every time a situation arises is a bad idea. We will continue working on this issue and more to make War Dragons an enjoyable game for all! We apologize again for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


TLDR: I spent lots of money and time getting enough sigils and gems to progress in the spring season. A glitch resulted in my not even getting the Garnet evolve stone for Fomhar and after following every direction from PG it was not resolved in time before the season end so the compensation for the hundreds of dollars and hours of my own spent PG has given me 5 gold chests. Which I will point out I had 360 sigils and had I known this would not be resolved I could have spent them on 3 branches to get 3 gold chests on my own. I feel this is inadequate compensation and wanted to turn to the community to see what they thought of the situation. Let me know!

@Arelyna caught wind of the forum post and sent me a private message offering me the choice between getting Fomhars Garnet stone or 1300 summerflare sigils. I decided to go with the sigils figuring it would give me a better chance at getting further in this season. I was credited the sigils almost immediately and am extremely grateful for the PG team on the forum. Also big thank you to everyone who commented your support and well wishes. Hope some other can learn from this, I know I certainly did!

Edited: Added google photos link. Added resolution.


Sounds like PG…


That’s very unfair of how they finally respond after the season is over.

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Yeah, they told me to upload a video when it was past 1am for me and its was less than an hour before the season ended… like whaaaat? Thats why the video keeps rotating, I was in bed half asleep woken up by a notification that I had a response from PG.

Just contact apple with all of the above

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That only works if he is an active spender but yes, if he spend contacting apple to get money back may be his only option.

I am an android user, apple won’t help me.

This is ridiculous. While I agree with PG that tossing compensation at issues generally isn’t necessary, giving you the garnet stone is obviously the right thing to do here. You legitimately were barred from getting your stone due to a glitch with their programming. You should definitely send this up the ladder.

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Glad i read this told myself i was done spending with the new season dragons but was going to spend a few hundred on fathers day to max out coatl but seeing this has made my wallet close right up you clearly have proof so if the rubies were not used then they could go in and subtract the 5k rubies and deposit the 1300 sygils problem solved or even after the fact withdraw the rubies and add the stone you needed

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Wow, thats a real bummer man. I got that glitch a lot too that week, but after I reloaded the game, I could open the chests again and receive the prizes. I really hope they work this out for you.

I hate how every time support responds, they act like they are reading your ticket for the first time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Escalate to @pgjared. He’ll make sure things are put right. :+1:t3:

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That is frustrating as hell.

In the future, uninstall/reinstall right when you open the ticket and tell them you’ve closed/re-opened and reinstalled in the first communique. That way if their first reply isn’t ‘hey we fixed this for you’ you can request it to be escalated immediately. May also minimize the waiting time since every check-in on your part hurls your ticket all the way to the back of the line.

Doesn’t help for this instance (and I hope PG makes this right because it’s crap), but may help you avoid being screwed next time.

Good luck!

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thank you, I never knew that it puts my ticket at the back again, and I didn’t think they would go through with that crap on opening and closing and reinstalling, but oh well.

Do I just to be escalated to jared and they will do it?

Helpdesk != PG. It’s a third party service. They have standard level 1 responses based on known errors.

Private mail Jared directly with a link of your thread.

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Seriously? Makes sense, I just never knew.

Will do, thank you Sam!

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Normally I wouldn’t ask for a ticket to be escalated straight to Jared; when a ticket is opened there’s a L3 specialist assigned in case of escalation. For this, however, I would since they already escalated it for you and it still wasn’t resolved.

If it does get fixed to your satisfaction please post and let us know I
for 1 look to the forum for any problems and their solutions ingame.

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