PGSqurl from the Dragons Atlas Team Here - Ask Us Anything!


Greetings, Dragon Lords!

Welcome to the next installment of the War Dragons AMA! This AMA will be focused on the Atlas Team here at War Dragons and their work creating the expansive and competitive landscape of the Atlas World Map.

@PGSqurl will be joining us today. Feel free to tag them in your questions!

A few things to note for this Atlas AMA:

  • You are welcome to ask Squrl anything you may like. Please note that questions that are not specific to Atlas may be outside of their wheelhouse, and they may not have an exact answer.
  • This is an AMA, but we will continue moderating this thread based on the Forums’ Code of Conduct. No inappropriate questions, please.
  • Non War Dragons questions are also encouraged! Previous work experience, other questions about game development, or even “what’s your favourite colour?” are welcome.

About @PGSqurl: I joined the War Dragons team a year and a half ago coming from Blizzard Entertainment and so far have really loved being a part of this community. I first started working on the Events & Seasons team before transitioning over to the Atlas team. Some of the features I’ve worked on so far on Atlas include the events, the quest system, everything Atlas Elite, the Primarch Finder, and many QOL improvements. My focus for this year is to further improve the Atlas experience through more QOL updates and changes to seasons, gear and the Primarch system for instance.

We’re here until 5pm PT, so we’ve got two hours to answer your burning questions. Ask away!


Yay… @PGSqurl

  1. What do you think about team progression with and without Atlas?
  2. What do you think the most important advantages in Atlas are?

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What about adding the Platinum teams who don’t have atlas? There are a number of us who have been in platinum for a while now and there has been no information about adding more platinum teams. Atlas is a necessity now and you’re hurting those who don’t have it.

Any info would be appreciated. But this silence is killer.


Thread hot topic predictions:

  1. atlas for plat teams/rollouts.
  2. atlas stability/bugs.


Currently Atlas teams and players have several advantages over non-Atlas players including for example timers, gear crafting, and XP grinding. We agree that it is becoming increasingly difficult for non-Atlas players to keep up and don’t think that the current state of things is entirely fair. We have some plans to address this that we’ll be formally sharing in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

We will be sharing our plans in the next few weeks.

Atlas ....when is the next roll out

Although minor is there any hope of getting the slider to work correctly on adding troops or a popup saying “Are you sure you want to add x amount of troops”?

Also are the servers going to be expanded to hold more traffic? The errors when moving in Atlas are painful and the crashes and rebooting.


I’ve always been curious, why go with the name PGSqurl? Do you have an affinity for squirrels? :chipmunk:


Will the plan include all teams, or just add another league / subleague to Atlas?


What affects Atlas scalability? It seemed to me to handle the big rollouts last year, but not handle big battles and busy locations. What platform is all this running on?


That might be pushing it Orca lol, don’t hurt to try though.


Maybe just easily distracted? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why can’t we use diamonds for haste? Or speeding up Prim upgrades?


Everything for balance. I can understand if one can’t compete due to choosing not to spend. However, I hate that one can’t compete because (s)he doesn’t have any chance at all.


I’m also curious how soon for mythic gear. I’m guessing start of next season.


I’m totally with your questions, looking forward to answers in coming weeks. Was saying I think asking for more detailed info now outside of an announcement post in coming weeks is prolly pushing it. :yum:


That just sounds gross


What the deal with the “white screen of death” aka “try again in 30 seconds” page?

It really sucks to lose troops due to that.


I agree that the slider isn’t the most accurate and generally prefer to use the text box to enter the number of troops I want. If you think it would be useful to have a pop-up confirmation that’s certainly something we can add.

I feel you on this one. We’re continuing to try to improve stability in Atlas and have recently expanded our efforts. Hopefully you will feel a noticeable difference within the next few updates!


Can we up the limit on rss slider to 2M please? :slightly_smiling_face:



From your perspective, what do you think are the biggest issues with the Atlas ecosystem?

How does PG compare to Blizzard?

What is your favorite thing about WD?