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Even for gold? :thinking: Though the suggestion sounds good for food and lumber.


Just had to contribute this to this thread…


@PGSqurl The atlas we have today is very different from what it started out as. It is no longer just populated by Diamond and Sapphire teams. Are there any plans to add divisions to atlas or something to limit the control that upper league teams have over the entire map?


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We need balance Diamond Leagues should be in different categories than platinum team. LV 5 castles should be divided diamond only. Sapphire castles LV 4-3. And platinum teams LV 2 castle. Etc…
In regular game we have different leagues for a reason. In atlas should be the same. Diamond players have absolute control of all castle and lower leagues are bullied out of them. Please we need desperately this change.


Are we more crazy than Blizzard players? And which games did you work on? (if you’re allowed to answer :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also, how did you come up with the name? Frontend coding?

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Just food and wood. 6M gold is fine…not 6,050,000 :roll_eyes:


Will the upcoming stability to Atlas you have mentioned to help stabilize Atlas, will it also correct the lag in zooming in, moving around or even typing in the team chat while in Atlas? I keep hearing about improvements coming but not specific to what is being done, like a server expansion or upgrades for example. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face::chipmunk:


@PGSqurl if Stability and Size are the issue, How do you think about making it “local” ?
e.g. with access to Beast and Mine, as well as Event and Season, but uses random matchmaking instead of separated NML.

only for one without direct access to Atlas.


I’m not a huge fan of the state of lower level teams in Atlas at the moment and the lengths they have to go to to stay competitive. It’s not an easy nut to crack (hehe) but I’m hoping we can address the issue in the near future.

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Flying through mage islands with Kirin!


This is a question and a suggestion: are any plans to add new event types to atlas? Troops, gear and riders is getting pretty boring. Bringing back something like kingpin would be really helpful for lower level players to be able to earn glory without being stomped on.


When can we expect to see silver 2 primes? I am running out of stuff to upgrade.

Will we ever get more than 1 rider per atlas season, as this would help with levelling events; and players that really hit atlas hard have a huge surplus of useless red rider shards ( i have close to 2k of the things and can only imagine what other aggressive players have)

i thought atlas was designed to be battles amongst equals. Still seems like its a top hitting down still; ie. top alliance hitting weaker teams with t4 lands. Still constantly see much larger players attacking smaller players in nml ( prime example i am 208 and won’t attack players with less than 90% glory but still see players in the 300’s attacking the players i pass on. should be more of a deterrent for hitting to low)

Will stability ever be improved. after last update it is worse for me

Will there be new events. I find i enjoyed atlas prior to atlas season more( like the team one where you controlled the poacher for events) currently atlas other than team attacks is geared towards individual play only, as rewards are more geared to the individual than the team (team prizes still seem like a joke to me at least)


with ↠ without?


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I worked on the team so I actually worked together with all of the games! My favorite game was Overwatch and my favorite team to work with was World of Warcraft.

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I keep hearing rumours about land expansion coming soon to Atlas. Is there any truth to it? :blush:


For me personally, stability is everything. All of the other issues are irrelevant if you can’t depend on Atlas to run consistently without crashes. The number of troops I (and many) have lost due to Atlas crashing during a battle, or odd glitches popping up during an intense castle battle are a tough hurdle to overcome. More than the monotony of the events, more than the team politics, more than the unfair glory/revive mechanics, unstable connections and lag are the single greatest draw on the fun of the game and the issue that most frequently causes me to debate quitting entirely. I hope to see plans to remedy this issue more clearly outlined if time allows.


Good question. The trouble with running PvP based in events in Atlas is that players, understandably so, end up saving all their resources and fighting for the PvP events. In Atlas; however, we want players to fight at all times. We have some ideas for how we could potentially spice things up again in the future though!


ever any plans to change all safe zones to red like the top part of map?

will we ever get that bloodlust event talked about long ago where we get to kill and clear out primes in safe zones


We don’t have any plans to further expand land at this time.


@PGSqurl in addition to

(I know that the plan is probably a “secret” for now, but I guess revealing how much it can cover is important.)

How do you think for a fresh new Atlas team to survive current state of Atlas?