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@PGSqurl not sure if this has been asked, but are there any plans to make atlas “promotion” and “demotion” automatic e.g. if a team gets into platinum and stays there for 3 weeks they get auto entry into Atlas, and vice versa if a team drops to Gold or below for 3 weeks they get auto removed from atlas?


One person is answering multiple questions at the same time. They might have not had the chance to get to your question yet. Please calm down.


This is on our radar at the moment for things to work on.

Not at the moment no, but I think there’s some other ways for us to potentially address the problem of running out of things to do during the Train Primarch & Rider event.

Thanks for asking! I responded to these further up in the thread.


We’re working on identifying the cause of this. If you have any specific instances that trigger this, please submit a ticket and PM me about it as well


I don’t disagree with everything you said, but I know of quite a few lvl 3 castles that have been held by Plat teams for a very long time. Don’t know that it’s fair to take them away if those teams have fought hard to win/keep them.


Crisis, will you please make a recap or something on this topic?

Just want to be sure that every question posted in this topic is answered.
Not necessary immediately, but probably after some days.


Yep agreed that this is silly. Part of our plans to fix this!


As I mentioned further up in the thread, I very much share your sentiment on this. It’s part of our roadmap for this year to address the issue.


There was a question above by @Lx460 regarding new gear next season - any hints on what it would be like or what differences we should expect to see?


Thanks for asking. At the moment this isn’t part of our plans. We think that it would very ill-received if we had an automatic demotion system.


How would you address Atlas capacity then if teams can only get added to it and rely only on natural attrition (of teams I may add, not players) to maintain a balance?

Edit: and BTW I disagree that this would be ill-received - the game is already structured with a promotion/demotion element. As long as PG is clear on what the parameters are, this will be extremely well received vs the current state of “not knowing”.


What did you have to bribe Squrl with? :stuck_out_tongue: (to Crisis, reply thing poofed)


@PGSqurl My understanding is that when atlas was created you guys put us all on the same map together in a hiararchy… where anything can happen and it really is life or death.:thinking: alliances should be formed. It’s about survival. Why change that now?.. most of the people who complain are people who are not willing to be involved in politics. Also, how would you go about making these changes? As I’m sure you know, bigger alliances are created by the people not by a game mechanic… I feel there is nothing that you can do to change that since it is not influenced by game mechanics. Unless you can hack into our minds and make us stop doing no-hits with other teams. Just curious what you think about this topic since, as you say, you feel bad for teams who have to deal with it. (Which I disagree with btw :slight_smile:)


Is there any plan on making it possible to move troops from primarchs into the barracks?

It gets frustrating transferring and summoning to move troops around…


I would like to know about this as well, I’ve hit the point where I leveled my elites, but I’m missing gear from part of the first season of atlas. I would rather do nothing and wait for the purebreds disappointing that always follows than level legendaries just to finding out that there’s new gear next season. Could we get a heads about it so we can start properly preparing for it.




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We’ll share an update on this a bit closer to the season when the changes have been finalized. Needless to say there’ll be some changes given that we’ve now cycled through the whole Elite set.


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@PGSqurl How come incoming primarchs stop an attack on castle guards? It should be if your not there you can’t defend.