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I recognize that you may not be able to comment on this, but I am curious if you can expand a little bit on this:

Because we are one of the lower level teams of which you speak. And we have had to practically offer explicit favors in order to get any sort of advancement. I can see how this is “not an easy nut to crack”, but is this really a priority that your team is working on?

Is there even a way to address this without giving away free castles, diluting the value of existing castles, or taking castles away from teams that have already worked for them?


@PGSqurl do you see dragons as strictly carnivores? Or are they omnivores? Or better yet, do they compete with squirrels for nuts?


This comes with a few technical challenges unfortunately and can cause a lot of edge cases. In particular, the case of players moving troops to their barracks right as their Primarch is attacked. If this would be a big QOL improvement for players, we can think of some ways to address this though.




I know that sometimes I accidentally finish a troop train and the troops are moved to a prime which I never intended them to go to. At that point I’m stuck killing off potentially thousands of troops because there’s no other way to get them off. Pretty cruddy when it happens.


This wouldn’t be an “edge” case if this was made possible :rofl:

However, the ability to unsummon a prime would be good - and perhaps only made possible on a friendly castle or at home.



How do you think about this case?

Player A uses primarch 1A to attack Player B (prim 1B), got wiped out, NML.
Before the attack is finished, Player C started an attack to prim 1A.
Player A summons primarch 1A in Safe Zone. However, after Player C’s attack is finished (after summon), primarch 1A got wiped out once more.

Happened recently.


It’s not something we’re working on right at this moment unfortunately (lots of other things to do). But it is on our roadmap for the year. While I do think it’s hard to solve, I think it’s definitely possible to come up with a solution that improves the experience of lower level teams without worsening the experience for higher level teams.

Atlas ....when is the next roll out

@PGSqurl can we fix delayed attacks (moving to another castle and then seeing a banner appear 2+ min later while you’re in neutral/another castle), and being attacked by a team defending a castle after the shield has gone up, yet the attack still counts even if it finishes 10 min later.


@PGSqurl How do you think about low attacker with high backer? With current Glory Calculation?


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Any thoughts on having every team start out with a lv 1 castle that cant be conquered in order to give newer teams and lower league teams something to get them started? Some place for them to be able to store or use some of that gold they start out with but have no real way to spend before it gets stolen?


Haha good point. While I agree that having alliances and fighting for survival is part of the fun, lower level teams have to go to extreme lengths (i.e. form 50 team alliances) in order to survive. These teams are anything but unengaged and try their absolute best to stay competitive. While we can’t stop people from creating unofficial alliances this big, we can adjust mechanics such that the need to create such large alliances no longer exists.


@PGSqurl are there any plans on adding new events to Atlas? And are there going to be other ways to get the blue rider shards besides seasons and beasts?


@PGSqurl let me just give you the run down of the atlas performance especially during a big castle raid. It usually goes something like this:

  1. atlas can’t load
  2. atlas white error screen
  3. game crashes completely and shuts the app
  4. prim fails to move
  5. troops can’t transfer
  6. attack button won’t work when u hit attack (this one pisses me off the most as it happens EVERY TIME and by the time I restart atlas 3 times my sieger is dead)
  7. trap button won’t acrually trap
  8. attacks won’t count
    Honestly the list is just endless… I can’t describe to you how frustrating all of this is. Usually leads me to troop loss, and a pissed off state of mind. It’s almost like atlas becomes non-accessible. You can’t do anything during a big castle raid.


They had it with both of those?? I’ve only ever had almond and the cookies and creme one is the only white chocolate one I can think of


You should try Peppero. They’re like Pocky only better! My favorite ones are the cookies n cream ones


Unfortunately, I think dragons are carnivores and the only competing they’re doing is when they’re looking for squirrels to eat :sob:


Agreed, this shouldn’t be possible. We’ll look to fix this! Thanks for bringing it up :+1:


That’s the thing though… there really is no actual need for anything outside of a 5TA. But it happens because teams (outside of 5Ta) work well with each other, and can all benefit from having a mutual target… imo that seems like a skill of survival.
When you go to a new school your first goal is to make friends so that you can almost “survive” at that new school. You don’t just walk in and think nah I don’t need anybody here I can do it all myself. It’s a tactical strategy imo.


Can there be additional or improved ways of leveling defensive riders? Its very challenging to level Trappers and Rushers when you are rarely attacked.