PGSqurl from the Dragons Atlas Team Here - Ask Us Anything!


I always walk in like I own the place. It’s worked pretty good so far. Your mileage may vary. :slightly_smiling_face:




:roll_eyes: we both know why that is.


Will there be a defensive atlas rider soon?

Will the atlas armor be cyclical, or are you introducing a new power tier?

Is there any way we can exchange in our scrolls? Some of us have forged everything and are just racking up useless scrolls like fire shards and ice shards.

Can you introduce shard lines into the atlas season? If that’s all people want they can pour into it.

Is the new class of dragon still gonna be a thing?

Could there be a way of making associations? (5ta associating with other 5t alliances with some limited benefits).

And most importantly will there ever be a squirrel dragon?


Yep, an old anime club I went to sold it and it was AMAZING. Apparently they dont really make it much anymore



You keep mentioning the roadmap. Can you share what is on the roadmap and what is being worked on? Even broad ideas are welcome, but specifics are excellent.

Also, what specifically do you concentrate on, in Atlas? As in, are things divided up amongst the team or does everyone tackle a “task” on the roadmap at once, a few things at a time, etc?


I answered this one further up in the thread.

There’s no plans to add blue shards in other places in the game at the moment.

Yes! We’re having a look at the Primarch system in general right now and that’s definitely one of the problem areas we want to fix.


I think we can put it to a dragon, with or without offensive gears, attacking primarch…


All the things! But in all seriousness, Squrl sets up what our engineers look into in Atlas as well as what QoL and new things we put into Atlas. This does come with a lot of input from myself.

Usually, we have different people tackling different projects during the sprints that we set up. Sometimes these projects may cover multiple sprints but still fit our general roadmap. Additionally, things get shifted around on occasion if something pops up as a bug after releases.

We have some projects in place that address improvements to the ledger, the upcoming season, and stability/crashes in Atlas.

Version 4.96 Release Notes Official Discussion Thread

I hope so!


You guys have improve engagement in several ways, such as if you attack a primarch and you’re taunted or trapped, you now have the choice to attack that primarch directly. Kuddos!

You’ve also implement the “primarch finder” which is nice when hunting glory. Is there a way you can add an “attack” option through the search?

Currently it’s a little clunky, spotting the primarchs, going into details, searching them out in the primarch tab, and attacking. Just seems a little counter intuitive.


Still waiting


We’re currently finalizing what the next season will look like and will post an update closer to season start.

This is a cool idea! Let me think on that one.

We don’t currently have plans to do so. I think we want to figure out how we’ll be addressing the issue of lower level team first before we make a change like that.

PG pleeeeeease!


Oh that does not sound good at all. If you have not already, please submit a ticket and shoot me a video of this if you have one! It helps Squrl, the engineers, and I get a better sense of what could be going on.


I did submit a ticket about a week ago for this exact issue, didn’t even get a canned response. Not to change subjects, but a heads up.


Fae is a l m o s t a squirrel…


Submitted about 20 tickets and just been ignored. Given up talking to support, they utterly useless and continuously tell me incorrect info. Why I only try to talk on the forums now unless I want runes removed.


If you have a ticket number, please PM it to me!


@Arelyna @PGSqurl

Question about a slight QoL improvement : There is a discrepancy between resources sending in Atlas and the main game. In Atlas when you send a thousand food it shows

1,000 food

It shows 1000 food (no coma) in the main game. Is it possible to make it easier in the main by adding a coma?

Also I noticed that the beasts plates in atlas are really shiny, and you can actually see buildings and windows and greenery and sky reflected. What is the reference picture for these reflections? I’m curious… :grin:


Glad you like the changes! We didn’t want the players to directly attack the Primarchs from the search results, because we think that it’s important for players to get the full context of the battle first. We really wanted to have the camera pan directly to the Primarch rather than the castle, but when there’s a lot of Primarchs at a castle, not all Primarchs are actually displayed on the map.