Phantom Atlas Attacks

I’m curious how many of you have had attacks not register in Atlas. This has been a problem for me when attacking guards and I’m getting rather annoyed. I’d say this happens once every time I attack guards but a recent run saw about 50% of my runs resulting in nothing. This is unacceptable.

In this case I’m not referring to someone killed you before you finished.

I’m not referring to someone killed your target before you finished.

In my case - and I’m doubtful I’m not alone- is I’m hitting a target (usually guards) and it just doesn’t count. Like at all.

My team was hitting castle guards. And attacks just don’t count. No troop loss. In one case I did five attacks on guards and only two actually recorded primarch troop losses. Every other attack was not registered. And support claims they have no way to see this … forgive me for being unimpressed.

Support seems to just go thu the motions. The shield went up they said. No, why did my first attack not count but the second did count? Well you got glory they say. No because I didn’t loose troops and I can do the math - no chests awarded.

They claim they have no way to see these attacks. I see a larger problem than just me missing a few chests. I’m incredibly disappointed that support just gives the usual cookie cutter answer - sorry /screenshots/ sorry/let us know if this happens again.

So has anyone else seen this behavior - or has my mental state finally cracked? Actually don’t answer that …


Did you check battle logs? Because that happens to me sometimes with guards and it doesn’t look like it counted but it’s just laggy. I just keep hitting and when I look at the logs at the end they all counted until shield went up. The first one never appears to count but it actually does.

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I’ve noticed a lot lately when killing a primarch even happened on guards that after the battle it shows nothing, no troops killed or glory but then I actually did kill and had troops die and received glory.

On attacks I knew I hit I was thrown off so I paid attention to my troop count and glory and even though after the battle it showed nothing everything was fine :man_shrugging:
It’s annoying but Felt better knowing wasn’t getting screwed out of the glory lol

This may or may not be the case but if you talking about what pops on the screen after the battle and it’s showing nothing then watch your troop count/glory even the primarch will be wiped out

why not record it for them? from start to finish

These attacks did not show up in the battle logs.

Sometimes I’ve see my first attack appears not to count. But after my second run it seems to register .

This time it never registered … multiple times.

Support seems to think that the battle manager is accurate. But it clearly is not.

I may have to. I see support do this where they keep pushing the burden of proof further down the road.

I’m sure if I had screen shots they would say that I fabricated them.

It’s like I need a live stream to convince them of their own bugs.

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I’ve seen this too but not in this case.

In fact it happened to me twice in one day.

My first attack didn’t count but the second did. Then the third missed and the fourth counted … on two separate occasions.

I suspect the lag creates a time gap and then by the time it syncs the castle is bubbles and it doesn’t subtract troops because it sees a bubble.

What grinds me is not just the loss of glory but support claiming they have “no way to check”

It seems the quality control for PG is worse than I thought.

Not the case for me. I did 5 attacks on castle guards. I should have lost 5 x 11 troops but only lost 22k.

So not only did i not loose troops I didn’t get any glory or chests for my attacks.

It is definitely a bug. The troop loss on my primarch never happened. This was my complaint to support but they are a bit confused. The team kept saying you got the right glory because I lost 22k troops. But I told them I should have lost 55k so what happened?

They have no idea …

You can screen record and send it they will have video proof unless its a one time bug but from looks dont look that way. It will happen again

This has been happening to me a lot lately. I dont bother sending a ticket in though, it wouldn’t do any good

See this is the problem. ( not you …)

Like you, I don’t feel support really cares to dive into these issues.

When people get mythic dragons for 60k tokens … well they have pinpoint accuracy and legendary drive to fix the problem.

Player looses hundreds of atlas chests … well we dont have tools for that and we need infinite screen shots and sorry but let us know when it happens again. :confounded:

@moderators I’d really like to ping some PG officials here but I’m not sure who. I don’t think the rank and file support know what to do here so I’d like to make sure that the higher ups who interface with these kinds of issues are made aware of these problems .

Here you go.

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Pg in vacation.


Welcome back from vacation - please take. Look at this thread about atlas attacks not counting. This is not the “they for me before I got them” kind of situation. These are legitimate attacks that just don’t count.

As an added piece of information I noticed the other day that my taunter got hit. I counter attacked with a different primarch. It took several minutes for the glory and chests to show up. For both the defense and my attack.

All got recorded - eventually - but these delays may cause serious problems when there is a frenzy of attacks in castle guards etc.

I’d appreciate it if either of Goh could comment on these delay issues as it does weaken customer experience. Thanks


I know you are busy but I think we would appreciate a response to this thread. My case is not unique and the performance of atlas needs addressing.

Atlas is central to the game and you are asking players to pay for services related to it. When things don’t work as designed as badly as described above something needs to be improved.

Especially when, try as they might, support seems to never have a good enough tool to help players unravel these problems .

Thank you for bringing this to my attention again. We’re going to add this to the list of things we’re going to try and solve in this quarter. We’ll first look into ways maybe we can avoid situations like this where attacks don’t count then diving into solving the issue. We’re going to be sending out a post in the next week on what were trying to achieve in Atlas this quarter.

Much appreciated. I’m eager to see how you will improve atlas player experience.

I realize there are many other atlas issues that affect player enjoyment - but the lag and attacks not counting seem like they should be fixable.

Thanks again.


If only people could figure out how a trapper works…its soooo complicated!

I’m not really sure I understand the context of your comment.

The issue raised here has absolutely nothing to do with trappers. Did I miss something?

He’s talking about where players move to transfer troops off a prime. You have to move to transfer troops afaik, so this is easily countered by a trapper, preventing the primarch from moving.

Doesn’t apply to whatever issue you’re having with guards; I’ve never seen anything like that, but it’s obviously something else.