Phantom event prize indicator


I’ve claimed all the prizes, yet…

It’s been over a year, perhaps even YEARS since this “feature” popped up. How is it that nobody has been able to hunt down this big and squash it?

It’s not a big deal in the sense of making the game unplayable, but it speaks volumes toward the company and its attitude and abilities that they are either unwilling or unable to affect what surely must be a relatively easy fix.

Just blowing off some steam here…


I hate it so much


This one?


You must first travel to the astral plane in order to claim those


Yeah, THAT one. From over six months ago, and it was old then.

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If you claim your prizes slow enough it doesn’t seem to happen.


I’m not sure how much more slowly I can claim ONE prize. :rofl:

It shows up as “1” after the first successful event attack in a new session, even though I am nowhere close to claiming a prize.

Restarting the game sometimes makes it go away, but I’m not sure if it always does.

Again, it doesn’t really cause a problem with the gameplay, it’s just troubling that they are either too inept or too lazy to fix it.


You have to take 45 seconds as you move your finger very slowly towards the button. Really gotta sneak up on it…


Guess it only works for me.


So annoying.

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The +1 means that you got Battle chest(s) from last run. It will disappear (from calculation) after reloading event page.

I have no idea with the other +1 though


Really? I didn’t know it showed battle chests :thinking: the more you know…

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