Phantom Gifts anyone?

The phantom gift (sometimes 2) drive me crazy. Very rarely can I open all the gifts that PG is showing me I have. Anyone else have this problem?


Yes everyone forever


Nothing new here, been like this for every event I’ve been a part in

It would make me really happy if PG could make it go away.

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I’ve been having that problem forever as well. Everyone has! No need to open this thread. @TheRedDelilah please close this unnecessary thread about an issue that’s not a big deal

It’s a big enough deal and quite annoying. Hence why I started a thread.


Happens to me all the time, too. Seeing that little number when I don’t have anything to collect really makes me claw my eyes out :joy:


This is a duplicate thread

A new topic for you to collect…

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Lol I’ve have that problem since early 2016. Some time when the plat dragons were getting released. I have 3 prizes to claim :rofl:


? Who died and mDe you queen? :joy:


Oh look! there are some legitimate concerns here,I’m sure if you weren’t getting points during an event you to have something to say . Just sayin

I don’t care that it is a duplicate thread. It is a ridiculous glitch that should have been solved 2 years ago . Common…

Oh and by the way, if you are noticing too many repeat posts… you are spending too much time on these forums. Go play outside :slight_smile: .


I never said there weren’t legitimate concerns. Just implying that if you’d used the search feature, you find that this topic has been created time and time again. PG really don’t care about fixing this.




Yeah I show 34 prizes on my event page

That unfortunately seems to be the fact

Yes this happens to me all the time