Phobias and Dangerous Diseases


Scopophobia is an interesting phobia. :slight_smile: Did you develop it over time or just have it from as long as you can remember?


I’ve always been a bit averse to being the center of attention and all, but I think it really kicked up in around middle school. Y’know, when everything starts to happen :joy:


Ooh yes, middle school starts everything :rofl:


I’d do well in your med school since I’m pretty good in the diseases area


I’m terrified of bungee jumping. A broken rubber brought me into the world and I’m not gonna let ona take me out.


Stupidity is a pretty dangerous disease and it is VERY contagious


Recently returned from hell with all the fears, ready to live.


Diseases is not the only thing you study at the Medical University.


Yes, I know. There’s more areas like First Aid. But I’d be amazing in the disease area


Amazing because you have lots, and if so, eww, or condolences depending on type…

Or amazing because you have lots of experience with diseases, preferably not your own?



I’m betting the latter :wink:


Okay this might comes off weird but I am afraid of bitter gourd… like I was nearly killed from it hence the fear is real. Hahahaha what do you name this fear ?


Well, the fear of gourds/pumpkins/squash is cucurbitophobia (I think I spelled it right)


WOW … I didn’t know it is for gourds too haha thank you . Now I know what it’s called :smile:


Anytime. :hugs:


Hope so! :crossed_fingers: