PhoenixDragons are rising from the ashes

Hi there,

We are currently looking for members to bring a team out of the ashes, to build it back up to its former glory, so if you are currently looking for a team, or you can help us out then please reply to my mail.
Arry xx

Language: English
Time Zone: no preference
Played time: no preference
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: not necessary but desirable
Dragon Roster Includes: dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon: which ever you have in your roster

About: we were once very active, now looking to make it great again, we are not particular on what size base you have or what dragon you have in your roster? All we need is active players that will help us to help you in return. We have a vast amount of knowledge to share and the ability to help anyone who asks.

Have I peaked your interest, what do you have to lose?? Check us out you have Nothing to lose everything to gain, this is a win win situation.

If i got your attention then DM me in Line App ID; Lmill66