Phweemp on my perch

I’ve been waiting like 4 years for this. I’m assuming it not gonna happen?


Wait a minute PG did something stupid? That means your allergic to this kinda stupid

It used to be possible to perch it :thinking:

It used to wave on the perch too


Well if it used to be on the perch PG must of hit a button by accident and suddenly causing stability with old dragons to faultier maybe idk just use big words to sound smart half the time.

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im more intrigued by as why that perch is not lv30 yet @Lx460 :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :flushed:

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It’s the first perch. I never had a need for it. I can’t build a full base. It’s too expensive.


not utilize it for permanent construction rider on it? :o

To each their own


To each their own dragon types as looks, and Pog on perch is like seeing Barney on the perch but with wings.

Next time the “Mid-Year Community Ideas” comes around share your idea!! It’d give purpose into getting this dragon!