Phweep on perch

Bring back waving animation of phweep in perch please? Adds a fun element in game.

@PGGalileo anyway this is possible. Its already there, just need to enable it pretty sure?


Omg what? They took away that feature? :scream: :sob: I was literally gonna build my 3rd perch just to have phweemp waving on there :pleading_face:


I created a new account and got it to level 50 just to put him on 3rd perch. Incubated him today in 1s.

My day is ruined and my dissapointment is immeasurable.



I brought my friend out of retirement to do it for me, and was so happy to get phweemp, and now I’m utterly disappointed :pleading_face:


@PGGalileo do we have a response from you that could shed a shimmer of hope on seeing phweep on perch. It is the mascot on off topic threads in forums! if you wonder who he is…


Haha, I’m not sure! Do we want to see Phweemp in game, or in art?

Its already in game, we just need to see him on perches. It was already implememted but seems to be disabled.

I dont want it to buff the island, just the animation pls!

phweempwave (1)

@PGGalileo This was the problem:

Which Dragons Can’t Be Placed On The Perch?

Phweemp: Since it is an exceptionally unique dragon, it is currently incompatible due to animation. (It will wave Hi instead of attacking…)

We just want this to return even though it is incompatible

Sorry for tagging you so much but it is really an easy fix and can make a few people happy!


lol - look at that little guy. Go ahead and submit a ticket, pass me the ticket number, and I can see what can be done.




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