Pictures adding to team wiki pages

I tried to add a picture from the internet to my team wiki page but I couldn’t make it. Can anyone tell me how should I do that?


  • Italicize - single asterisks around some words
  • Bold - double asterisks around some words
  • Bullets - start each line you want to be bulleted with an asterisk and space, e.g., “* The start of your line”
  • Numbered Lists - start each line with a number and a dot, e.g., "1. "
  • Headers - to make a line a header, start the line with # (multiple #s for sub-headings)
  • Horizontal Line - put bunch of hyphens ------
  • New Line - make sure you add two spaces at the end of each line if you want to start a new line
  • Indent - four spaces will indent your line
  • Images - !open bracket closed bracket (url)
  • Pro Tip: markdown syntax (google it!) (links not supported) - four spaces will indent your line

I’ve had the same problem. I followed the example provided there (i.e., !(url goes here)) but it does not show the image.

The same. Support could not help with this problem, unfortunately.:tired_face:

works for ios, fails on android ;

another reason to join the master race :stuck_out_tongue:


I click on the online picture until a pop up shows, and then I click copy. I then type

!(click, hold, and paste here)

into the wiki where I want the picture.

I have an iPad, so that might be why it works for me lol.

Does the url end in .png? If it’s not an actual image file it wont read it as an image.

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Me too :sob:

Oh no! Another android /iOS divide!

I added pictures to my team’s wiki and I run on Android, so it is not an iOS vs Android thing.

First of all, the wiki can only accept smallish images. I found anything over about 300px wide and the image will not show.

Second, it does not like Tinypic or Imgur whatsoever. If you are using them to host your image, the image won’t show. I use cubeupload, but even then there is a catch with them. If you copy the direct link that they give you in the hover over your image, it will NOT work. You actually have to open the direct link. It takes you to a https url (the other one is http for some reason). That is the link you want to use.

What the others have said above. It has to be the full link ending in png, gif, jpg, or jpeg for it to be valid. For me it was figuring out the size limit and where I could successfully host the images to get it to show.


This sounds promising… I’ll check it out.

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