Pirate and threats

the pirate situation is getting out of hand. in fact, one can no longer even defend an ally without having continuous threats. it’s getting really nerve-wracking to play. a team with 30 players has atlas … while there are really deserving teams that don’t.


The only way this is true is if you’re referring to how many threads complain about pirates. Because yes, that is getting out of hand.

It’s being given to any team in P4 now I believe? I’m not sure how deserving the team is if they can’t make it up to that league… Also, we need fewer teams, not more, so if a team wants atlas they can take over an old disbanded team instead of creating a new one.


Have you tried to take over one? Let me know how willing the alt that owns the team now is to give it to you.

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No, but I’ve disbanded one and recently saw that even the principle language had changed. With the amount of disbanded teams I’m sure you can make a post about that and find one.


Not all pirate teams send threats. And there’s already been so many ‘end pirates’, ‘stop pirates’, etc. threads.

If a team really deserves a castle, then they should learn to defend it and protect it from being attacked by pirate. Like BGage said, a team can just take over an abandoned castle.


What kind of pirates are you dealing with :flushed:


Did not understand that, what is the problem?

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the fact that they cannot do anything to them and feel the masters of everything. it amounts to bullying and non-parity and equality of play.


Is that not just how it is, some teams have choosen not to have a castle, or are not able to get one. The applies if u are beeing hit by a stronger team.

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either by choice or otherwise it is not normal and it is not correct. it has now become an unequal game.

It didn’t suddenly become unequal it’s always been this way :man_shrugging:
When a team enters the map they are not given a castle!
They have no choice but to resort to piracy to acquire the primes and power needed to even acquire one :european_castle: :man_shrugging:
Sorry piracy is not a choice for everyone it’s a default for almost everyone
entering the map …lmao


Apologies if this comes off as rude, but who are you to say that this game play is not correct?

There are some incentives to owning castles, which is why you and some others are complaining about pirates rather than becoming pirates.

In addition, you have to weigh your options. Do you want to be active enough to constantly hit them back and spend enough time/money to be capable of hitting them back? Or do you want to lose some troops here and there? You’ll notice pirates don’t hit high sapphire and diamond teams because they lose more that way. Those teams decided to be insanely active to make sniping extremely difficult and usually unprofitable.


i cant wait for next Atlas season to start.

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that’s not true at all because the sapphire teams also receive visitors. Atlas was not born for pirates …

Now I am completly lost, the is how it is, and you play how you like it or can or want to play.

Atlas has a single overall goal to acquire and hold castles :european_castle:
This goal is what creates piracy and as long as teams hide behind walls
pirates will knock! :crazy_face::pirate_flag:
If you have a issue with that I suggest you start yelling at pg for a new core mechanic! :rofl:
Because as long as those castles stand on that map there will be pirates to raid them! :man_shrugging:

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Yeah but we should be able to revenge on a pirate team, isn’t that what this game is about be able to revenge hit.


Until PG releases something that says what Atlas was or wasn’t made for, we are unable to say this with 100% certainty. Lol

I do think PG needs to set the expectation. The player-base loves to fight using “shoulds;” but, unless PG specifically says one way or another what the intent was, we are all just people who intercede our own desires upon malleable mechanics.


Pirates gonna attack everything… that’s what they do. Some people are happy with the freedom of it but at a resource disadvantage. I wouldn’t necessarily call them bullies. being pirates is just a different way of playing outside of alliance in atlas. If PG wanted to prevent that, they would have put fixes to prevent it but they haven’t.

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Name one “fix” that hinders piracy and doesn’t negatively impact some other part of the rest of the player base!?
Anything you do to attempt to punish pirates will result in smaller players not being able to progress :man_shrugging: Because everyone entering that map for the first time
Is by default a pirate :rofl:so yeah most “pirates “ are anything but bullies they are predominantly supper low level players struggling to survive :rofl: