Pirate management

Long time player here and yes i spend money. Enough is enough However. I know you have things set up so pirates get to have free reign, i understand that, but it is us that are paying your way not the pireates. Pretty sure they don’t pay just play for free and have had enough of this. nough of being used and your letting this happen to drive your revenues which i have done graciously. You made it esasier in fact. You made it easier for this, knowing thatwe will spend more. But I’ve had enough, no more spending from ke until you make it a fair playing field for the ones like use thT actually pay money. . Enough of being used by pirats just enough.


lol they tried to stop it with gold prims but people just take a land add a guard with low troops, so how do you think pg can stop pirates?

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Welcome to the forums, please make sure you use the search function as this is a topic that has been made many, many, many times before.

Dealing with pirates is one of the costs people must accept when they have castles, particularly access castles. If it is such a problem then either

  • don’t own castles
  • make your castles a less appealing target for sniping
  • get the Line Bot and counter snipe
  • get safer castles

And no, not all pirates are F2P players. Spending also doesn’t really mean anything, it doesn’t entitle anyone to anything extra (beyond what they bought). Spending is of course your personal choice but it doesn’t mean you deserve protection from pirates or that F2P players shouldn’t be able to hit you.
Honestly how much difference is there between a pirate team and a team sitting on all super safe castles that no one can really reach?


Both can raid with impunity. One of them gets a ton of castle benefits.




Ducks pretty much said it all.

Why are you trying to regulate how a team can play? If that’s what is best suited for a team’s play style, let them pirate.


And you know this how? My team has Atlas, but we decided against a castle as no one has the time to defend, due to other commitments. No idea how much you spent, but I know how much I sunk into the game, but usually the ones who brag about it and think that paying some money makes them special are not the really big whales.

So you want to punish people like me who also pay money because your team decided to have a castle and now can´t stand being attacked?


I’m a pirate/privateer (since we hold castles) and I spend. Probably more than you judging by your base. As you have qualified your position based on spending, and I spend more than you, I declare your position against pirates is invalid.

A moderator may close this post now. I solved it


You sure about that, ghorl?? :roll_eyes: :laughing: You sounded too entitled! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m a pirate! And I spend too! A lot! :relieved:

P.S. I spend on my minis too! FYI! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Don’t like pirates? Counter snipe them or defend. They quickly learn to not come back


Sugar mommy?

Can we please chill with the caps and ginormous fonts? PgJared has already said they are against forum rules. They really are not necessary and plain annoying to read

Edited. I just got triggered by the entitlement of some! Thanks for the reminder, tho!


Your castle is built because of fear
Fear and defense of fear has a price :man_shrugging:


Where did he ever say that?
I agree it’s annoying but hardly seems like it would be against forum rules

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I mean pirates are people 2.


I like pirates… anyone with an eyepatch who can confidently say “arrrrg” is okay in my books


What are your actual issues?

This post reads “I spend money, and pirates attack me… and I don’t like it”…. In other words cry cry… what are your actual issues? If you spend how are they able to so easily defeat you? Are your team mates not defending? Perhaps your base needs work and you are not spending enough to fix it? See I am just guessing here as you have not actually say what your issue is… what about pirates?


Right. I’ve said this before and I’ll say this agin. Instead of asking pg to stop pirating, I think a better idea is to ask yourself why pirates exist in the first place. And, why you are being targeted.

They answer to the first question is rather simple, owning land, especially low level land just isn’t worth the price you pay. Seriously. The benefit of owning some 2s or 3s really doesn’t effect your playing experience positively. It does. However hurt you. Mega alliance is still a thing, being limited in who you can hit, and being hit back (often by bigger teams) sucks. The solution, is to simply not be bothered by this.

In addition to this, most people want to do what is easy and fun. Sadly, fighting peers isn’t something that this game rewards. It is much easier to always hit down.

The 2ed part, why are you being targeted is a little more complex. The truth is, pirate by the very nature, go for low hanging fruit. If you don’t want to be a target, don’t make yourself one. Don’t put low lvl prims on ur access castles. Don’t leave troops there over night if your being snipped down. Don’t be afraid to bubble. Etc.