Pirates. Untill when?

Untill when pirates on game will be free to attack withou consequences? We can do nothing against this slag. Dont you notice that this is dirty game?

You see? I dont think pirates should be kick from Atlas. But no vegeance? No consequences for their attacks?

@PGGalileo Why dont you (PG) give a definitive answer?

As you can see pg has already introduced several drafts about atlas and is open to suggestions . Calling them cowards wont help



Sorry. But changes already was promises many months ago. I dont know… for six months, more than two atlas seasons and… nothing. I dont understand. Just give teams the chance of vegeance and this vegeance get, also, troops on cemitary. But something must be done more than answer players on forum

Does your alliance have castles… Lol

Who gives a shit. Drop the castles getting hit, or defend them better and don’t complain lol. :woman_shrugging:


Pirates TIL DEATH!!! :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag:


Maybe an unpopular opinion…especially with the OP…I think it’s a fair trade. While you don’t get a chance to revenge, you DO get egg tokens. There are times when I wish my team has castles for the eggs…not for the hassle of actually having castles.

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Here we go again. Pirates are a fact of life in Atlas. Get used to it. PM me your castle coords and I will drop in to discuss it with with you.


Just farm them in the regular game, since they have no castles (meaning no banks) they usually yield good gold. Or you could defend and stop complaining :man_shrugging:

The consequence is they cant hold castles, and if you think a castle isn’t worth it, just drop it.


Zero tribute.
No bank.
It ain’t exactly all roses and champagne as a Pirate folks.

What I’m hearing is sorta a half cross between a dog whining and mosquito noise. Until PG gets off of their rear and actually reforms Atlas, Pirates are gonna pirate. :skull_and_crossbones:


There is this thing called counter snipe
If not, give up the castle


Yeah that’s a great way to make sure we will be back at your castle. :joy:


lolz. Free wood on my base. Just come get it. Only 19.2 B defense undefended.
No gold though. I don’t pay for Atlas Elite.


I agree that pirates are a bad thing for atlas. Hopefully the upcoming changes help address the reasons pirates pirate. But until things improve I don’t blame pirate teams for their choice,even though not being able attack back is frustrating. As for counter sniping, we’ll, good luck against a skilled pirate. Y’all do you and see you in battle. I think the entire player base can agree atlas changes can’t come soon enough :beers:

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Its difficult to know if are innocent or hypocritical. Im pretty sure that not even half of pirates doesnt obey a mega alliance, receveing bribery… your attacks are not even aleatory. U just farm a dozen teams.

A good trade was if u get back on cooldown… that was fair enough. But u need wait until everybody sleeps. If thats part o f a fair game, your concept are very very misrepresented

Yeah I’m pretty sure the entire point of piracy is to avoid that BS.

There’s no reason why you can’t do this yourself. Is there anything pirates do that you aren’t doing yourself?

What did they give up that you’re not willing to?

If you’re not willing to give them up, should you enjoy the meagre advantages they have?

So whats the consequence of having a or a lot of castles then? In the situation of mega alliances, your way just pushes more glory swapping and aligane :unamused:… If you can’t resist the pirate teams join one, and leave all those extra golds, and shards, and daily gifts, or stay there and keep your eyes up for the counter attacks.

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most of them get no bonuses from infrastructures as pirate teams are mostly castle-less.

besides, defending against pirates or snipes is easy enough. just annoying.

hard defenses are, imo, more about when you’re defending against more numbers. e.g. your 10ta is defending your castle against enemy 20ta, etc.

I can’t see what’s the difference between pirates or not. It’s the same thing being sniped by a pirate or another team, countersnipe and defend.
You can always snipe another team, no need for revenges. That’s all that matters, gaining glory :man_shrugging:t2: