Pirates. Untill when?

Why? Why would they do that? They would get shite glory and lose out on the benefits. Or do you just want free castles?

Smaller pirate teams can bubble their way through for the big pirate diamond alliance to hit the inner castles which are good glory for them. :eyes:
Existing Megaallainces will also cripple a bit and no longer have a monopoly in atlas.
I dont want any castles ,im in a pirate team and im loving the freedom :grin:
Newer players who join this part of spectrum will actually play and learn atlas the way it should be played.
Not gaining glory with glory swaps or castle guard swaps.

But yes i dont see any active sapphire or diamond team being pirates, as they would need the resources and benefits from the castles ,and wouldn’t want to compromise on that


Just remove the castles and you would solve many many problems lol :rofl:we can all be pirates and they can find another way to motivate us :man_shrugging:

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I’ve seen a couple end-gamers go pirate so I don’t think it’s a matter of rss but rather, availability to play. If people are on to defend castles, the load gets spread out and if the team organizes raids, and/or always provides hit lists of can-snipe teams or targets then you don’t actually need to go pirate because you can still get glory and keep your castle bonuses.

If there’s a truly neutral force that’s redistributing castles from teams with LOTS of castles to baby atlas teams then it might be bringing a balance that atlas needs that PG can’t and will never be able to deliver (or maybe a heck ton of chaos that would make atlas even more stressful forcing everyone to burnout or go pirate lol. ouch).

Pirates are currently necessary, I think - just like how it’s better to have opposing mega-alliances rather than a true monopoly under one mega-alliance. One GIANT mega-alliance for all castle owners? ugh nightmare. Nothing left to hit; yeah that’s not happening.

People can hate 'em, appreciate 'em, admire 'em, counter-snipe them (if online, lol) but not get rid of them.

You’d actually take out all the incentive of being a pirate by forcing everyone to be a pirate :unamused:. Take out the castles, everyone will just be forced to get glory from Aligane-1 and other red zones.


Not really if they use an open map concept and as your team groups up and moves towards center of map where diamond is you get better layouts and once you reach diamond your layout is more like a dungeons layout with more than just 5 towers!

The outer ring uses oldschool layout and the inner ring uses a invader style layout for let’s say from plat to sapphire but once you hit diamond territory your layout improves again and that will address sandbagging somewhat as well !

And all pg has to do is drop all the leagues below gold and condense gold into outer ring and place EVERY players base on the map INDIVIDUALLY and you have team clusters that can attack individually mirroring core game attacking!

Bye bye mega alliances hello small tactical driven micro alliances and atlas access for ALL!

And since it would be graphically simple less lag and no massive silly battles that encourage lag!
No one territory would hold more value until you move up leagues from gold to plat and from sapphire to diamond those areas would be aggressive and provide tactical play with out stagnation produced by mega alliances!

The castles themselves produce a tactical game based off tactical degradation what I’m describing is based on tactical escalation and will not end in a draw or what we call stagnation!
I’m sorry the map was based off the wrong style of tactical game from the get go!:man_shrugging:

okay. Like a sage once said: If you want to beat your enemies, you have to know them first. You want to take revenge on pirates ? It is much simple than you thought lol. this is my opinion: pirates, they are the slaves of the atlas prize, desperately looking for sheeps and cows and of course, CGs for ez glory. Want to revenge them ? Just bait them out with a castle with very few prims +turning the shield off. Then wait till they bring in a massive amount of troops because they are, desperately for ez glory from CGs :slight_smile: . Now you can kill thousands of their troops with your 5tas , 10tas . They lose troops, you lose CGs, troops take way more time to build, revive and recover, Cgs can be hired back very very fast if your team stocked team glory on your castles. Easy right ? :3 Fair and square. And please lol, if you are saying that I won’t head my prim into that delicious trap, you are just lieing to everyone and even to yourself.


Why I don’t think this will work:

CG Guard bases suck.
Krelos exists
Pirates can have good bases, with Mythic/Elite gear

By the time the defending 5TA is able to react, the attacking pirate (or heck, even enemy non-pirate joining them for a glory smorgasbord) will have run Krelos, and burned all their troops packed on the run (they’ll prob just pack an exact amount to burn) before the counter-sniping team has been able to complete their own runs after moving in (assuming they don’t die getting defended lol).

I’m saying the bait could work but trap won’t… Was this post a trap in itself? :joy:


Let me know when you want to test this theory :joy:


eldritch krelos of your 5tas, problem solved.

Nope, all of their troops will be dead at all because there is noway to burn out 40-50k troops per prim fast. Like I said: opened castle with the shield off , are you going to load 15k a time and hit then reload ? If saying yes, I have no words to discuss more with you because you are not telling the truth. Why ? Because greed is good and greed always wins my friend. You will want to load a bunch of troops after some successful ez CGs hits, we will strike when your greed won over your consciousness. Btw, this is not a theory, some teams already used it.

Also krefeeeble will kill thebase way before the pirate can kill the base


Pirates aint a problem. Just handle them same way you defend against other enemies. Countersnipe, Kreefeble etc. If you are too lazy for this, maybee u shoulnt have castles at all.


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I think its a good idea too. Really.

The problem are those patient that come with 1 to 2k of troops, attacking even low lvls.

But agree. That must work with most

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That depends. If the trap starts with low lvls trap their prims, it works.

But as I said: some pirates are very patient. One attacked us for.more than 2 hours, each time with 1 to 2k troops, even attacking low lvls for almost 0 glory (pirate 450+ and trapper 150-)

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I guess u didnt understand… even the mechanic of the game…

Owner castle dont care if u are or not in an alliance. The problem is not have the chance to hit back.

Pirates avoid battle with all cost! Why dont u trust in your defense?

Dont want join alliance? Good! Dont want spend your troops defendind 5TA? Awsome! But dont get hit back? Its pathetic!

And dont come with trash talk about bank and eggs. You dont have a team to worry about. All your time in game is for you so have enough time to solve that.

You see, our team get sniped by strong teams with hidden castles. Why dont I complain? Because there is the chance to hit back! If I will do or not, its my option!

First off I am not on a pirate team. :rofl:
Nor do I have a issue defending my castles be it a pirate or from another team.
I will suggest you read my forum history before you assume you know who or what I’m about!
But I do understand your frustration!

I don’t think pirates were an intended mechanic I think they are a product of using a failed map concept!

So when looking at basic game theory the map is based on tactical degradation instead of tactical escalation! This is the true issue :man_facepalming:

The problem is the castles themselves and not the players or how they choose to play within a poorly designed tactical map.

The very castles your concerned with defending are the cause of pirating and as long as they are on the map pirates will be there to pillage them :man_shrugging:

I’m not defending the activity I’m simply pointing out how and why it’s a occurring!
And why it will continue to be a issue :man_shrugging:


i like Pirates :roll_eyes:
they have free soul ,deal with it :grinning:


Keep your freedom. But accept been hit back :man_shrugging:t5:

dear friend, but what does this have to do with not being able to return the attack?

I’m not talking about whether or not pirates have castles. I’m talking about a little button for revenge.

That was considered, canceled and nothing more.

I don’t think pirates should be banned, sniped or anything. It’s part of it. But attack without consequences?

when I say this, they always say: “pirates don’t have a bank”, “pirates don’t have egg tokens”

Ok. Pirates are a result of failed map concept, but sorry, none of this has to do with attacking without being attacked. This completely deviates from a basic principle of a war game: you attack and get attacked. That simple.

I really can’t understand the resistance to allowing some pirate attack / revenge mechanics.

by the way… if talked to you as you were a pirate, sorry. english is not my matern language so, mistakes happens

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