Pit event not paying out correctly

Anyone notice when using 2 innerfires per run sometimes it only gives you credit for using 1 and also just did a wild fire run and said i got 4 bronze chests and a gold yet when i went to armory they were not there i opened a ticket but was wondering if anyone else has this problem

For the armory, you need to reopen the event window
This shows how bad the sync after the game was infected by the new (or outdated?) armory.

Well, at least there are no runic chests this week, so we won’t see any posts about people complaining that they weren’t paid the silver chests that dropped during event runs :joy:


I have had several inner fires not count as well, mostly ones used as a follower (following my main on my mini). Especially annoying when it happened on four flames and it was the only inner. The only good thing is that the inners that weren’t counted also weren’t used up, but it’s still pretty annoying how often this happens.

This equals 206, not 201.
Even when they count, there is something wrong with the maths.


I’m pretty sure the inner fire should also be multiplied by the level multiplier. It’s very badly presented here, and there is some creative rounding involved as well, but it does add up.

Specifically the numbers displayed are rounded normally, but the end result is always rounded up in your favor. In this case I expect the actual math they use is:

105 base + 105 inner = 210.
210 * 0.953 level multiplier = 200.13
200.13 rounded up = 201

The rounding on the multiplier and the downright wrong display position of the inner fire bonus makes it seem off.

Yes the IF counts before all level multipliers etc. So your formula is right, not the one displayed in game.

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