Pit Fight Feedback


The event is ok… but derivative and tedious. It feels pretty much like every other pvp event. When I heard it was going to be gladiatorial, I was hoping for more. It’s basically another attack, repeat event.

Bringing back the raid button would definitely make the event more tolerable. Of course, as any number of people have pointed out, the raid button would make all the repeatedly attack events better.

However, and I’m adding my voice here to what I hope is an increasingly loud chorus, mega attacks make this event pointless as a competition. In the top spot? Doesn’t matter because if you get hit with a mega attack in the last minute you’re getting demoted. Mega attacks have severely damaged every pvp event, but they make this event pay to play.

–Mr. Boss


Hey PG, we have a major problem with players we already attacked still showing up on the list and if you use Super or Mega, you lose the bonus and kicks you make to the Battle main screen. We have players losing major energy packs and rubies!!


There’s nothing inovative in this event. Team score is based on how many spenders you have in the team that can use mega coins. That completely abolished any team strategy and effort. Personal prizes without are hard to achieve if you don’t have money to spend. Introducing mega coins is the worst thing that happened in pvp events.
Since the placement of the teams no longer depend on strategy and hard work for us that can’t afford to spend on the game is very hard to see how all our efforts go to dust. Please remove mega coins and bring back bonus mater , at least give nonspenders a chance to score good based on their competitiveness and grinding. Also display base points value as they really are and not with assumptions of applying multiplayers ( base points on the list and base points on info after attack are different) .
I forgot one more thing, not knowing how much vp you stole from what team, and what team stole your vp and how much during 6h leave you in the dark without any possibility to make any strategy, so basically this is the worst pvp event ever !! Only strategy that can be implemented is spend spend spend


That makes no sense Mimi. Teams using megas will have zero affect on your ability to hit personal achievements. Yes, it will affect team rank for leaderboard prizes, but not personal achievement awards. Just keep grinding away. And play smart. Save bronze and gold chests during non-pvp events and non-event days and only open during pvps. That will get you the best chance to get the energy packs and inner fires needed to hit those personal achievements. Good luck.


Would give an suggestion to pg, if keeping the megacoin is a business decision, let’s have the bonus meter and raid as well.

Suggest is megacoin overrides the bonus meter hence those who had no time to grind could spend megacoin, getting the points that is getting now, without bonus meter increase. Then after that Super attacks or normal attacks will reap bonuses.

For non spender, especially for those that has more time but limited energy packs or IFs, would have to grind through to increase the bonus, and raiding allows them to spend more energy per hit while increases their points.

Would look at that as a win win situation for both pg, spenders, occasional spenders and non spenders.

Those who had limited time will use megacoin to get high points, same as the spenders.

Occasionally spenders would be encouraged to grind the event due to the bonus meter. And if they do not spend after they use up their energy packs, they risk losing their bonus which they had spent time on. Thus a lot will be starting to buy packs for energy, IFs or even just to open gold chests.

Non spenders would be least advantageous as they need to plan well within the energy they have, to maximise the bonus that they had earned. Most likely they would spend some to get a small or medium pack to try their luck.

On the whole, it would benefit all players whether you are level 5, or like me 200 plus or even those level 500plus. And best of all, all players decisions would benefit pg. seriously hope they would really consider this.


Thats not really true - megas does affect your ability to hit personal achievements.

It was balanced on bonus meters before, but they introduced megas and removed bonus meters, but never adjusted the tiers down in equal measure.


Got same issue did super attack . It was sucessfull but I never got points. It took energy packs and inner fire bt didnt add up the points. Can anyone suggest what should I do?


So far in this event, I have not received 4 different attack points when Ive selected 4x bonus. I should be a lot further than where I am, and being told it’s a glitch, out team is working on it and points are just delayed, no they are not delayed. They are not showing up at all. I have not seen any additional points show up, other wise I would be closer to 9k. Each time I’ve missed out on points, I have used energy packs, and inner fire. Each attack should have gained over 600 points. And yes I have checked my points before signing off and when logging back in. No change. This is disappointing to say the least.


I haven’t been able to generate any points during this event. I have 116 energy sitting there, and every time I make an event attack I return to the event page with a loading screen and the message that has the ‘Skip’ tab below it. Of course I have to skip because it doesn’t go away, and even after refreshing the app I have 0 points. This is happening no matter what attack I do and no matter who is following me.

I’ve never experienced this issue before and I’m getting so many mixed messages from PG support that I doubt I’ll be able to get any prizes whatsoever this event.

Needless to say I’m extremely disapointed.


Definitely the bonus meter should be added back. The mega coin has gotten positive feedback for letting players who don’t have time get a good amount of points. Raid was my favorite button but not sure if pg will add the raid to this event. Next comes the mega raid and now the raid is ruined lol


I don’t know how long you play but I’m here around 3 years. Before introducing mega coins I was able with grinding and blisters on my fingers to reach all prizes. Now it’s impossible. The other issue is when you see all your team pulling for 2h and than in 6min loose 10k off points, it sucks and takes away any desire to continue participating in such event.


Like all pvp events, this “new” one has become another competition of value packs/cc.

Megacoins have turned pvp events into a farce. There’s nothing competitive here any more. Need to do is wait for the last 20mins, hit story, buy fat value pack and then f rubies for a few megacoins. And bingo!

Kn top to that, you scrapped the bonus meter …

What a waste of time it all is … sad.


This event is awful!! Even if you spend the entire 5 hours and 45 minutes doing attacks you will lose in the last 10 minutes due to mega attacks!!! It’s all about the dollar!!! Used to be the best teams won in events!! Now it’s the team that spends the most. This game is getting worse by the minute with their greed!!! This event is a waste of time when all that really matters is the last 15 minutes of each round!!! Horrible waste of time and energy when alls that matters is if your team bought enough mega coins!!! It’s just sad. This used to be a good fair game. I mean of course spending gave you an advantage but you could still do fairly well without spending!! Now you have to spend to get anywhere in this game!! You can’t even complete 1 row on any dragon without spending!! And I’m talking spending a Lot of cash to do well on this game now! Such a shame!! PG has taken an awesome game and just desecrated it!! :disappointed:


This event pretty much sucks when in a 6 hour long round, all that really matters is the last 5 mins…the whole 5 hours 55 minutes is just frickin filler!!!


I like this event. Most notably, the energy reset time which is based on round. I also like the extra bonus that is paid to each tier’s top team. This event does take a lot of coordination with the team and big spenders, so I too would like to see the bonus meter return and maybe an option to do one raid? Overall though, thanks for changing things up and listening to people’s concerns.


i like the part where i buy a mega coin then go to attack and it freezes on the white screen with a flying black dragon and then just crashes. come back to 100 less energy and 20 less inners …


I like that part, too. People who buy mega coins are complicit in ruining the game and should just quit. You’ll get no sympathy from me.


I have no issues with the concept of mega coins per se.

Not everyone wants to grind away at points for hours, so if they want to pay for it, thats their perogative.

However I do have an issue with the fact that it is currently mandatory to use it to win.

The fairest solution I can see is to make mega coins count full points for personal achievements, but count the same as a super attack for team VP/achievements.

That way spenders can still get their points without hours of grinding, yet the whole event isnt just based on who can spend the most at the last 15 mins of each round.

This equalizes the playing field for spenders vs non.

I would combine this with balancing work, where I’d bring back the bonus system for consecutive attacks, but change the bonus percentage so the 3 types work out equal, and make bonus meter not count for megas.

25 normal attacks With 3 inners and full bonus = 5 super with 3 innners and full bonus = 1 mega with 3 inners.

Seems pretty fair to me

  1. f2p can compete and gain points fairly
  2. spenders can spend and grind less
    3)pg still profits since supers and megas still pay to play, just not pay to win.



Just limit megas so they cannot be used in the last 15mins of the round. Thats surely not too much to ask. Spenders still get their points but non spenders actually get an opportunity to respond.


Ive seen teams in d1 spend 50 megas in 15 mins
Doesnt really matter how much time you have to respond, you wont catch them.

They will just do megas from 30-15, then switch to supers