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ticket #1810892

Still ongoing but think others need aware of this too.
Edit: has since ended with sent to developers, they advised a bug tag in the forums.

Problem: Currently the last round of pits ends 1 minute before event ends. This leads to if you complete an attack with time left you’re told it’s invalid.

Event ends at 8pm

With that I missed an achievement mark to get sigils and the other prizes.

Round and event end should be at the same time as to not have a false finish line and call the race done 1 minute before reaching the displayed finish line. Yes or no?

Doesn’t that say the next round begins in 9 mins meaning the round ended 1 min ago. That mean the round ended and then the event ended in the 10 min time they use to reshuffle pits.

Am I missing the point? This looks sensible to me. Sounds like you started a flight with a minute left in the round and finished after the round ended. Say the event had a minute left to run but the round was over which is why the attack didn’t count.

That’s the problem.

You had like… 4 days to hit your goal. You’re saying 1 minute would have made the difference? Plan ahead next time. :crazy_face:


Try working or sleeping constantly and the wife getting a new job, things get in the way and limit the time window. Limited time is literally the whole reason for 20 energy runs and mega coin. To allow those unable to play 24/7 the ability to rack points quickly.

Ninja please. I got 4 kids, a wife, a full time job and I been sick since last Friday. I hit my goal Sunday.



Secondly, some might not have a set goal they get to in 10 minutes, or Sunday, then coast the rest of the time. I played my best Thursday-Monday then evaluated what I could achieve after that and did it.

I have my event scores planned out for every event this season. :crazy_face:

The same thing would have happened in the preceding 16 rounds if you launched an attack too close to the event end no? That 1 minute makes no difference.

More likely than not, the 1 minute discrepancy between the end of the 17th round and the event is an artifact of each round not lasting exactly 6 hours and the time between each rounds not being exact either.

If one attack would have made the difference for you, you had 5 days to get that extra attack in.


Round and event have to end at different time’s. The game needs time after the round ends to sort all the teams and credit the bonus vp. Have you ever noticed that all the pits are jumbled immediately after round end.

From a playing point of view they do end at the same time the difference between the two is simply to allow for calculations and teams to see the final positions at the end of the round.

Not sure how you could expect a new round to start given the information available

No, as the rounds ending are on their timer. The final round and event end should be the same time but they are not.

That’s the reason for the 10 minutes between rounds, not the false 1 minute at the end of the event.

I really don’t understand your issue:

Is your issue that the round doesn’t end at the exact same time as the event? If so this can’t happen as it needs a few minutes lag to do the calculations and award the VP to teams.

Is it that the round didn’t finish at the hour mark. In which case this does happen not everything in the game happens on the hour mark exactly. Events sometimes start 5-10 mins after the hour mark at least the pvp part does.

The event cannot end at the same time as the round and the timers always showed this.

Final round, correct.

Why do you think every event has a few minutes after end before prizes are distributed? After event is when the last shuffle always happens, not DURING the event.

You seem to be trying to say it’s ok if you’re given a deadline, end of event, but when you make the deadline you’re denied because nah the deadline is actually prior? That is wrong and even if it doesn’t effect you, or even me ever again, it’s still wrong. False finish line is wrong.

You’re confusing 2 issues. The reason there is a break between bit rounds is to allow the calculations and correctly award the vp earned in each round to each team. This has to happen while the event is running. Then the event ends and then it can calculate final team prizes which can be done after the event ends.

It’s not a false finish line for anyone who pays attention.

You’re going in circles now as you have said this before. Yes this is the 10 minutes between rounds. If you’re trying to compare this to the false 1 minute I’m talking about you are about 9 minutes short.

That is my point.

Previous rounds have 10 minute window between them to calculate. Last round has the same window after the event.

Conclusion, there is no reason to have a difference between the round ending and the event ending as all calculations and shuffles can be done afterwards.

There is no false 1 minute. The round ends at 7:59. The event could end at any time between 7:59 and 8:09 it would make 0 difference to anyone from a playing perspective.

From the server side team VP can only be adjusted while the event is live but a round is not in progress. For the final team rankings to be determined there must be a period of time at the end of the final round where the event is still live and the round is done to process the team vp calculations. Then the event ends and the server can calculate the event prizes based on the final rankings.

You work there I guess?

There is a 1 minute difference between the two, round vs event. It makes much more sense to have both end at the same time as round ending is event ending in the case of the last round, no more pts.

You can keep living with complications and doing you. I’ll do what I can to simplify things, which is notify the appropriate people of an issue. I sent ticket, then they said they’ll send to devs but forums has bug section so here is this to show whomever is here.

I don’t work there I’m just basing it off the way some of the databases we have work. For x to happen y must be like this.

You can’t help this person. They just want to complain.

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Assuming it was already answering but the round ended 1-2 minutes before your attack ended. There’s is no glitch or error with the way things ended for you

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