Pits event is comlete trash

Way too many banned players or inactive teams. makes it frustrating if not impossible to compete. fix it or retire it.

What league are you in?

Your post is complete trash. Way too little information makes it frustrating if not impossible to understand what point you are trying to get at. Clarify it or retire it.


Unfortunately, without more information, I cannot do much in doing a little investigation. If you provide me with more information, I could try and see what is going on.


If it helps, they’re in Gold V Unstoppable Luminarks. I’m guessing they have issues similar to some of the Bronze teams?

While I am not the biggest fan of the event myself, any PvP event will be a lot more interesting when you get to a league that’s actually…active. So maybe hit some wars and move up to a place that you can compete.

Not fair to demand a fix to an event when it’s your league that’s broken lol.


I hate this event too, not that it helps lol


Getting Cannot atack player - either banned or inactive, message when trying to do runs in the Fight Pit

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So some more detail regarding what’s happening. In the event I to am having an issue where when I go to attack other teams of the same tier I get the loading screen where I am then returned to my base and a message pops up stating that the player cannot be attack because they aren’t either banned or inactive. I went down the roster of just about every team and was unable to attack any individual. I left the game to refresh I even uninstalled and reinstalled it wasn’t working. Most of the teams have been fairly active but recently this has been happening. There are active people on the other teams they have points but I’m unable to attack them for some reason.

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I’ve been playing this game literally since the event started, and not once had that error msg… (Although I’m STILL force closing, freezing and missing chests and other winnings when it happens opening prizes or in the event at all really. Ughhh) but, platinum IV maybe the reaaon, idk, but I’ve had all sorts of issues just never that one :wink:

Having same issue

What issue ? You need to be more specific so @Arelyna can investigate, filling the forums up with stuff like that is counter productive, more info ! :grinning:

It gives us two places where we are at. But cant attack either. One out of 4 times counts. Ill2send you the most recent, please explain this, all ears and need help. This is hurting our team

Gold V. But it’s happening in more leagues. And it’s just what I said. We attack ppl on a team, it kicks us back and we get a message saying that person is either inactive or banned. But that team sits in the colosseum without changing points or they lead in the bracket and there’s nothing we can do to fight back against them.

justjust now. So where do we belong? and can and cannot attack??!
We are stuck, so we do not get prizes and ranks for individuals and team and we lost alot of energy and innerfires, and chests. PG @crisis people,
please, please get on this! It’s not fair, we are seasons players, restarting new teams and we are getting nothing for time, efforts, and the few who do buys packs. You are ruining this! Fix asap.

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I’m in Silver League 2, also experiencing the above mentioned issue. The type of pit is not the issue, has happened across different pits.

Have adequate energy and dragons to attack. Select a player to attack, select amount of energy to use, travel screen appears, after 5 to 10 seconds get returned to my base. Receive the pop up message indicating player cannot be attacked due to inactivity or have been banned.

If a player is deemed inactive or banned, why does the system allow them to be deemed eligible to participate in an event?


Because they are on a team.

Okay, all of the above issues are being looked into by the team. Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA on a fix.


I left a message on another post dealing with this subject. Yes, we’re Silver 2, but does that matter? We have been ripped off, in not being able to earn points and sigils.

The post repeated here…

Oh my GOD!!! This is NOT a ‘glitch’ in the programming! It is a MAJOR FLAW in the game! My ENTIRE TEAM is unable to play because EMPTY teams are somehow making it to the Coliseum! And when they CAN play, they can only attack the smallest of targets because of their own size. It is ridiculously BIASED against the little guy.
I told my team ‘Anyone can work towards a Seasons Dragon’ and now it’s quite plain, they are excluded from getting ANYWHERE near a single sigil!

In War, if a player leaves the team, they forfeit five flames. Why can’t PG allot a forfeit value to missing players in the event too!

RUBBISH!!! BIAS!!! And SHAME on everyone who just sweeps the little guys under the carpet!