Pits event is comlete trash


@Dekamin - it is being investigated and they are looking for a fix. Yes it’s an issue, but one they are looking into. It isn’t as if PG can just press a magic button and fix it.

I’m calling bullshit in this pit competition

@Arelyna The problem occurs in teams with inactive players. Being inactive, they cannot be attacked. However, they count as a player for the purpose of event rank, i.e. assessing points awarded per team. So if you had, say, the top 10 player levels in a low gold or silver team as inactive, that would be a large advantage. This is pretty common in low gold and silver teams.

For your JIRA ticket, the dev solution: before teams are sorted for points-per-member, prefilter the team roster and eject all inactive players from consideration in the sort. Thanks!


To clarify, my alt account team is at issue here, not my Dekamin team. My alt persona is Dekatuu in Silver 2


@Arelyna FWIW: I think there may be some new cheat/hack that exists. In the last 2-3 weeks I’ve seen an increased number of players (via a Facebook group mostly) who have been in wars where people attacked them and then could not be attacked due to being inactive or banned. (Since it should take 3 days of being inactive that should be impossible unless they were banned mid War)

But now I see the same issue of number 1 teams in smaller leagues also not able to attack any of their players due to being inactive or banned.

Maybe a glitch but it smells like a cheat… I haven’t personally experienced the issue but as I said in a group im in I’ve seen an increased reporting of inactive/banned wars and now this event where the winning team is not possible
To attack.


Same here in Bronze. In all of the various levels, I’ve only found two teams I can actually attack.

None of the teams have any different points other than the default points they should have whenthe round began. I strongly suspect that the team in first place is only there because they were randomly assorted to be at the top of the list, then promoted. Really hard to swallow when me and my team are actually trying to win, but can’t make any attacks, and were randomly assorted below the promotion point, so get demoted despite trying to fight.

The team leader already quit the game due to this being the last straw with this game, walked away from all 4 of his accounts, two here and two in Plat III.
Fix this ASAP, it should never have been released without someone testing it. Another QA/QC failure. Slowclap PG, slowclap.


Why too Time didn’t count my points in even one time 20energy with 3 inner fire and I got nombr 2 in prizes & rank


We’re in Platinum 4 and haven’t had the issue. When we started the team just before Christmas we had the issue until we got to Gold 2 or 3.

But let me say this event is so much better with the megacoin freeze. Can actually apply strategy! Thank you PG.


I love this event (except the mega coins). Loosing flawlessly in Plat 3. Sorry it’s broken for many. PG should give all players with this issue Sigils and/or enough rubies to get 20 or 30 gold chests. That should make up for the lost event.


the event is another money grab. last night 2 min left in round up 2000 pts . lost by 4000. and in that round i played in mega super 75% of the time with my team . that cost me money , please stop.
yes banned teams and players { skillexteam } with members that should be in gold , 320, 148, 117, 100.
there in playing tonight. there are others in are league game . the freezes , press attack and it rebouts the game. this is last event , i play aggressive with my base , dragons have spent hundreds and hundreds
to try and fortity myself . not any more. as another one of your regulars posters says know your limitations.
LOVED THIS GAME , now i feel like a sucker


I am having a problem with my energy being used after I get message about the page not responding when I go to attack a player. So I get a forced refresh lose energy and gain no points. I have lost about 100 energy due to this issue. K


Is anyone noticing a player in high level, say 216 (is listed in the roster as 216), but turns out to be a 10? This has happened twice in two different opposing teams.


I have this same issue in my alt so I can’t wait to get an answer. My alt is in gold and when doing an attack I got a message stating the player was inactive or banned it was the whole team basically but the team was still climbing the ranks. I guess this is a case of one carrying the rest… literally!


yes, this happens every time there is a battle-style event… not just Pits … inactives cannot be attacked … lower level leagues have entire teams that cannot be attacked


Gold 3 for one, nowars and TurtleWarriors, I put in a ticket under my Aryslar account and their response was they couldn’t do anything about it during the event. I’m not surprised this is getting real old real fast.


The last two pit fights, we were all doing Super and Megas, and they were not counting, even last one that didn’t count bc it ended, did not get items returned, all of our LC had the same problem. Can u plz look into it plz…


Read las Pic first


During this pvp ive not been able to collect a single point, yet ive defended myself many times from enemies doing their event run with IF. I wonder how that is possible, that other teams can get points off me yet im at 0…just completely FUCKED huh?! Thanks PG.


Ummmm, you have to attacsk to get points. You don’t get anything from defending except a ruby or three and a useless waterdragon every now and then.


No. I was teamless for half of treasure hunt and joined new team after hunt ended. Players are hitting me in event and using IF so i assumed they were getting points for their team, from me.

My point is this, pvp lock ins need fixing. Allow personal prizes only once teams are locked. If i literally cant gain a single point at all then why are others allowed to gain points from me?..when im not defending anyway hehe


FYI Ryuu is not worthless. :slight_smile: