Pits event is comlete trash


It seems like you already know the answer. If you join an event after the start your points will not count. The treasure hunt phase is considered the beginning of a PVP.


Yes that part is clear. Im also saying its not right and if i cant earn points from them they shouldnt be able to earn from me. Needs to be fixed, personal rewards only or both sides take the penalty.


That sounds like a fair request. Why would you show up on the roster of people to attack if you can’t attack? @PGCrisis what do you think?


To be fair though i could attack the other teams as well just nothing counted, energy even jumps back to 16 after run. So its possible same is happening to them i just assumed that with all those hitting me throughout this entire event that someone would of noticed if im not giving them any points…


I’ve never switched teams during an event. So you can’t even get points for yourself? You are literally sitting out an event?


Literally 0 points is all i am capable of achieving, at all.


Like a sitting duck just waiting to be bent back over with each amd every successful event run done on my ass.


Why shouldn’t people be able to hit you? Not their fault you joined a team at a bad time. It’s not like you’re losing anything from their attacks…


And who declared it to be my fault? And why tf u care that i want personal rewards or to not be eligible for other teams to earn points from me? You just sound like you want the worst for ppl.


How is people attacking you keeping you from getting points? Even if that made sense, you already can’t earn points anyways. Why should other people not be able to get points?

But yeah, I just want the worst for ppl. I am a grinch after all…


Its not preventing me its just one sided. Its a feature in the game i believe needs to be adjusted in one way or the other. Thats all. Call it “balance” if u will.

…and yeah i want the capability to earn some rewards. Best believe.


Well yeah, you’re the one that switched teams, not them. If you had switched teams during a fort event and were ineligible to participate in the event should people not be able to raid you for wood, too? :man_shrugging:


I didnt choose to leave at the time where if i did so id be screwed out of an entire pvp. Just not what id have in mind as fun.


Good try but a completely different feature, matchmaking and pvp event island… which btw id still be able to get personal rewards. I do however admire your determination to prove i have no valid arguement what so ever to earn personal rewards this event.


Yeah, I’ve noticed that in other PvP events too, but this one its more pronounced, where rather than individuals not being attackable, the entire team is unattackable if anyone is inactive.

I managed to manipulate my team and the two other teams in the league that are attackable to get my team in the colliseum, only to find not a single team we can attack.



That does it. Apology gifts to all on this thread. Excluding CheekyGrinch of course :stuck_out_tongue:


Huh? Not what I said. I said it makes no sense to not allow other players to hit you just because you can’t do the event…


Im just teasin man, and for sure id definitely rather i am able to collect personal rewards while im farmed for points but for arguments sake i had to include the only other alternative that i saw fit to be considered a balancing update.

Im aware this is a bit off topic also, just didnt think it necessary to start a new thread, especially when others relating to this event have been locked to control duplicate or redundant comments.


I feel badly for people who were kicked unexpectedly after an event started. We had a team mate who thought they’d be considerate and give ample time before they left. The leader kicked them right as the event started. They lost a lot by missing that event and had to sit out its entirety on another team being ineligible for prizes or points. I don’t have any ideas on a fix but it is hard to see honest, considerate players screwed like that…It was not the leader from my team! :see_no_evil::joy:


It defenitely sucked and i feel it unessesary, just enable personal rewards and call it a day. Not sure what exploit could be abused in this situation therefore Nike this bit.