Pits event is comlete trash


Personally this is, up to this point, my favorite event. It requires strategy, teamwork and timing. It’s also not winnable without those elements. With the mega freeze the event became 10x’s better. In plat 2 there was considerable competition but we didn’t have the inactive issues. I agree that definitely needs to be addressed. As far as the event itself, I love it! However I wouldn’t love it if I wasn’t on an amazing team.


I also enjoyed this event as well, the 15 min cutoff for the MegaCoin was a nice addition. We were not attacking the same 25 teams continuously, able to implement strategy and work with other teams to increase your chances to hold top spots.


I wondered how much of this was going on. One round in particular I was scratching my head as we were getting hit over and over while in last place for points in The Coliseum.


“Money Pits” is what it should be called… mega coin express!

We did work with another team in our league and made it a bit easier.


Another issue which I forgot to mention in my earlier post, Silver Chests won through attacking or from redeeming Winter Sigils that never appeared in the armory.

If I had to estimate how many I never received, be around 15 - 20, quantity may vary. As a result, couldn’t complete the 30/30 for legendary rune and missed out on other runes which could of been earned.


Were those silver chests won while the Runic Chests were available? If so, they don’t appear until after the event is over.


I’m not sure to be honest. Not even a month playing, so haven’t experienced many events or know many of the game terms/ features.

The event has been finished for 2 days now, the event platform that you access battles, prizes, armory is gone, no way to check/ claim chests.

For this last event, I played from beginning to end. Silver Chests lost across different days. I don’t think I missed anything.


During the last event they had Runic chests in place of silver chests. They do that every couple/few weeks. When those chests are offered, you can’t see or open your silver chests. They will be there once this Breeding event begins.


Hmm, now that you say that, when the building upgrade event started, I was surprised to see 15 silver chests in the armory before I even did anything.

Must of been the same situation you described. I’ll see what happens at the start of the breeding event, if need be contact support. Thank you.


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