Place for howitzer related to farms/mills island 1&2

Hi… Tks again for all input and suggestions that I get here…

I recently moved my howitzer to island 1 and is debating if I should moved around my towers on islands 1 & 2, specifically my farms and mills… I think that if I move them to the front, depending on the dragon that is attacking me, while the player is taking time to destroy them, howitzer and turrets could have more time to kill the dragon… Don’t know if it really work that way… I’ve seen some base with farm /mills up front and some to the back… Just need some input please… tsk again…

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I know that everybody is pissed about kingdom wars fiasco lol… But really appreciate any feedback please… tks…

Personally i moved some farms to the front for the same reasoning its a matter of preference mostly but it seems to work out well for me so far.
Also if you put the howitzer in one of the front two spots of island 1 itll shave off a little bit of tim for its targeting and firing

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Even i got CH this event and have been hit twice after that by higher levels but here are my observations.

Island one center(your current position) :- this is unreachable by any Warrior , they have to either take a shot or invincibility shield up.
Con:- any hunter will get advantage if a decent player playes as it gives on burst of ammo before the CH shoots.
(I really struggled with gryff in this setup but asura, rashka nails it.)

Setup 2- > island 2 back slots. Warriors like gryff, Arborilith and tarax can freeze the ch and nullify it.
Pro:- invokers, hunters are targeted as they turn and they have mere secs to actually react and CH becomes priority.

I am currently testing it out and will update about its vitality later

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I have mine at the very back on the high point. Intending to place a storm next to it. It gets of 2 -3 shots on unsuspecting victims but only 1-2 if someone is paying attention. My farms are up the front.

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