Place to say you are leaving the game

I all I searched the topics and couldn’t find anything like this.

This thread is for you the individual to tell the game you are leaving without a long drawn out thread.

It also serves the purpose of letting everyone on the forums (cough cough PG) know just how many players are leaving the game. To that end please do not post here unless you are saying goodbye. This thread isn’t for discussion, there are enough others for that.

So I will kick it off: Two accounts quitting as soon as my leader finds replacements, 418, 103. Been playing both since 2015.

Happy trails everyone and good luck.


103 and since 2015? :flushed::exploding_head:
Also, this is not a productive thread. Many of us are pissed but making a thread for goodbyes isn’t gonna help either lol just sayin. Goodluck to you then :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

He will be back im sure :smirk:
Just playing casually is fun too, no money needed :ok_hand:

Why others can say things other than good bye, and only me that’s force by the author to remove the message?

:thinking: something to do with ur username may be ?? :man_shrugging:

I know what it means :smirk:

What is it with my username? It’s from my wife’s name. Is there anything wrong with it?

Tbh… the above translation is mild…
The real meaning of Lonte is Prostitute
Ku is my in English, also right position.

You can ask OrcaFrost to clarify
But I think I will get flagged due to vulgar language.
oh well so be it, sometimes telling the truth hurts


Wow, I did not know. Thank you for this clarification.

As I said, that’s what I called my wife. I hope this clarify you.


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Well, I can’t say it to her face. Lol

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Because now is the first time the author has been on the forum since then.

Can a mod please delete non relevant posts including this one.

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If you delete a non relevant post, then this thread is left with the first post, lol.

Then so be it. People can’t seem to follow simple instructions.

Not a productive thread? Can you not read? It’s a very productive thread if people would simply learn to read. This thread was created specifically for those quitting to help inform PG of their actions. It is a thread specifically for those people and was suppose to be exclusively for those people. Now I am one of the many idiots failing to follow the OPs posts and relatively simple instructions. I suppose I will try to remove this post in a few days if people can suddenly learn to read.

Granted I’m sure PG knows the numbers already and doesn’t care regardless but I get the OPs sentiment at least so let’s at least respect it.

I am not of the level of quitting yet… but close… I will post here when I call it quits. Everyone to follow this post please simply state your IGN and possibly level and leave. That is all.

Sorry OP for posting where I know I shouldn’t be.


Can we post on behalf of our friends to represent them?

A couple months back, one of my friends I met in this game had dropped WD. He was around level 225 breeding obsidians(?). He’s not my only friend that left the game but one of the more recent ones who ever bothered to update me on the decision. Too often, they just suddenly become teamless and I don’t hear from them in a long while…

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Darn, saw a new reply here and was hoping it was Prince.