Placeholder when reviewing teams’ roster


This isn’t a bug, definitely a frill, but a useful one. How difficult would it be @PGJared when looking at another team’s players on their roster that after viewing a player’s stats, etc. and tapping the “i” on the player’s summary page instead of the system returning you to the top of that team’s list it returned you back to the page I just left?

In other words, let’s say I just looked at a player from the page 31-40, instead of the game taking me back to page 1-20, it returned me to page 31-40.


I was thinking just this today.

When viewing teams, especially for war, it would be nice if the screen was like the regular attack list with various players.

You are able to click player and see the base without loading. Don’t like, just look at another.

It is a real pain to, in war menus when scouting to hit attack to view base, and if you don’t like hit quit or the info to get back to team roster. Just extra steps that are super inefficient when there is already a good mechanism in play that would be nice to be carried over


I honestly have no idea how difficult that’d be, but I’ll talk to the team about it.


Just list the teams like we do for wars and cut out the multiple pages too…
officers first
Then everyone else low to high.
Never understood why there was multiple pages at all it’s just more clicking


This! 100% agree. On smaller screens you can just scroll down a lot more. But it is very irritating to have to scroll through 5 different pages of player lists to figure out the range of levels on an enemy team when looking for a good war target.


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