Placement of storm/earth flak/orrey

I have a maybe stupid question but I have been playing the game for so long that my knowledge might be outdated.

Ok a small Island, it does not matter where such shield tower is placed, it always protects all 4 other towers. So far, so clear.

On the Long Island does it make a difference where it is placed?

E.g. if it is in the center of the first 5 towers, also clear it protects the 4 others around it.

But what if on the first 5 towers it is place in the back right? Does it reach the front left?
I did some trials but believe it or not… it did never release shield when testing so I decided to just ask here :sunglasses:


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Nope, needs to be on the middle of long islands to shield all 4 towers on the same island

But as you said, any position works for small islands



So in my example I place it on the right side back of the first 5, it will shield front right, middle aaaand the third tower on the right side, as this is also next to it, correct?
But instead of 4 it only shields 3 towers?

I thought it also shielded the towers behind it. So you lose 1 tower at the front but gain towers behind🤔. Or maybe I am way off

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Now we hit exactly the core of the question. When the tower is cantered it covers 4 towers.

In that example, what will it shield? Ice flak, fire Flak, Howie and blue mage?
Also 4?

Or not the ice flak?
Or not Howie?
So 3?

If u are talking about Earth Flak, it will shield both Blue Mage , Howi, Fire Flak, Ice Flak, Red Mage.

In Atlas only the left spot ( where the Earth Flak is) will allow to cover both the towers in front ( in this case, Ice Flak and Red Mage).


Different island, different layout, different result.
It’s radius is 20% bigger than Red Mage (as comparison).


Why would it also protect the blue mage in the far back? That’s not adjacent to it.
Same as the red mage in front of it to the right.

If it was true what you say, the Earth Flak in my example setup would protect 6(!) other towers!?

And did I get your message right that it will only work on this spot and not on the opposite side? :thinking: then it would be a Bug and not a Feature?

Oh and would earth flak, storm or orrey make any difference to that topic?

In Atlas the distance between spots are different.
You just relax and trust me :wink:

Moreover, i would swap Earth and Orrey positions but i can understand why it’s there (Orrey), the small hitbox.

With the storm shield on the main game island, this is true. I don’t know if earth flak and orrery are the same, or about Atlas.

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Orrey is there because my exotic runes for DF and EF, IF, FF do not allow a different setup or I have to throw 2 of them into storage…

I will in 1 or 2 Forti events need to rebuild it all anyway and until then earth is in the back and orrey in front.

And can someone maybe comment on how storm, earth and orrey behave same way or different?

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So I have earth flak, storm, and level 1 orrery. Assuming the green squares show what towers it will protect with the shield, here you go.

Although the storm and earth flak highlight each other, I am not sure they actually protect each other. Even with both earth flak and storm set to do a supershot, because the towers overlap. the storm will go off shortly after the earth flak shield ends.

I think the biggest difference is the hp of the shield provided (0 for storm, 30% for earth flak, 32% for orrery roughly), the hp of the tower, distance from the dragon to when the supershot goes off (90 for storm and orrery, 70 for earth flak lower is slower), and speed it goes off.

You can see all the numbers on Morreion’s site building comparison.

Edit: This shows where you can move the tower to, NOT it’s supershot range. I’m an idiot. I’ll leave it here for now. It shows you can’t move an orrery, earth, or storm to be in the same island 5 group together though. :woman_facepalming:


I wondered that about the green squares too but if I click on my red mage that’s at the very back of the first island it shows green squares everywhere except on the two towers at the back of 2.


Come to think of it, it may be where it can be moved to. oops. Yeah…let me just remove all that. lol



Yes the green squares are not the solution. But thx for beautiful pictures from atop. :smiley:

Still somewhat open question in total…

I tested both in Atlas and Regular base and I’m pretty sure of what i saied.

Storm/Orrey/Earth on the 2nd half will cover the 2 towers directly in front of it.

And yes i know that they can’t Invincibility Shield each other, it’s just for reference.

If I can ever get recordings of my base being defended and the shields being activated, I’d post it. I don’t have the record last run on and most undefended attacks it doesn’t activate so…may be waiting a while.