Placing infrastructure from storage in atlas?

Anyone know how this is done? @PGDave some advice please?

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When you conquer a new castle, you should be offered the option of either building new infrastructure on it, or pulling out one of these existing sets from your storage. Picking stored Infrastructure is likely preferred because of the time and resources you’d save.

No such option.

A few more details to clear this up:

  1. When someone conquers your continent, your infrastructure set goes into your team’s storage.
  2. When you conquer a new continent, and you already have something in your storage, you are provided with an option to set up Basic Infrastructure or from storage:

If you don’t have anything in the storage yet, then by default Basic Infrastructure is set up for the newly conquered continent.

There’s a couple things that may have occurred in your case:

  • A team officer used the option ‘Set up Basic Infrastructure’ to initialize the continent infrastructure
  • There wasn’t any existing sets of infrastructure in storage at the time that the Castles were conquered, leading to Basic Infrastructure being set up automatically. The 3 sets of Infrastructure in the menu could be explained by control of your castles changing hands, resulting in 3 sets in storage.

Once your castle’s infrastructure is initialized, you cannot use storage unless you conquer it back again. HOWEVER, we’re planning on adding this functionality later on so that you can swap in stored infrastructure.


So if we deploy our stored infrastructures, what would happen to all the existing ones. let’s say you spend 13M gold upgrading HQ to lv1. You deploy your existing lv5 HQ, will we get refund for the upgrade?

No, the replaced Infrastructure is overwritten and lost. There shouldn’t be many situations where you would need to overwrite standing Infrastructure with higher-level stored Infrastructure. The only situations that come to mind right away are:

  • You accidentally deployed the Basic Infrastructure and want to overwrite it with a higher level stored set.
  • Your team lost your strongest Castle and you desperately need to have a certain infrastructure building ASAP (like Tower or something).

or like @Gox1201 said earlier, we conquered a new zone without having our old home destroyed first. hence the basic setup :frowning:

@PGEggToken Thanks for the information - very helpful.

Quick question regarding the “pack & deploy cost” - I’ve heard that when your base infrastructure is conquered, put into storage and redeployed later, such base infrastructure may lose one or more levels of the various base upgrades. Can you please confirm whether this is the case, and if so, what the exact formula is?

Thanks as always.

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You do lose some levels, not 100% sure on formula.

Yep thats what i heard, so wanted to confirm the exact mechanics with PG.

what if your stuff is level 1 cuz you’re poor and new to Atlas?

10% of total levels are destroyed, rounded up. Which building(s) are actually de-leveled are chosen at random.

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