Plan for dragon breeding - incl. Verdant backbreedings

Hi everyone.

Since Red’s breeding plan seems to be no longer being worked on by anyone, I have started a new one.
I add new dragons shortly after their appearance. The older dragon generations I add bit by bit. Thereby I work from top to bottom.



Thanks for that. A small little nitpick, in the Extra Eggs column, you misspelled Abyssal and wrote Abysaal instead.

Thanks, will be changed immediately. :slight_smile:


PS: If someone has tips for shorter or cheaper ways, please post.

Newly added:

  • Backbreedings with the new class Verdant


The backbreed-paths seem unneccessarily expensive, can be done for about a quarter million tokens less.

I have paths here for 5 verdants for under a million. You can tack the last backbreed and the 6th verdant on at the end for another 330k if you want (although I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone myself).

Your breeding paths seem to assume that you already have the second mystical Eldritch. With me it is still being bred = plus 300.000 Token. For this I have laid out my paths for all 6 Verdant and additionally the third mystic Eldritch.
Whether you need them or not is up to you. :slight_smile:


They don’t, actually. The single required mythic is at the top of every path.

For example, this only needs Mordred:

Your path uses about 250k more tokens to get the same legendaries.

thx Morrion

I have incorporated the abbreviation into my breeding plan.


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