Planned Changes? Or more glitches?

I noticed yesterday res amounts are not showing up on attack invites. Has anyone else noticed the same? Is this an accident or was this planned?

@PGJared and anyone else on the PX team? Mobile is giving me a hard time tagging right now

I’m also not seeing the rss payouts in the invite banners. I forget what thread that issue was mentioned in but it is affecting multiple people. I am able to boost my monuments though.

@Arelyna @PGEggToken Any idea why FlashingRed can’t boost the monuments?

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I’m a dummy. There used to be a boost button but you can boost through the equip by. :joy::joy::joy: I’m tired today, serves me right for staying awake 30 hours

It hasn’t always been like this? “always” I guess meaning past 5 months I’ve been playing

The good news is you didn’t find some unusual and very annoying glitch in the game :laughing: Glad you were able to figure that out :slightly_smiling_face:

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It has always shown the res amounts you receive for joining a teammates run. At least it has for the past 2.5 years I have been playing. (Always = 2.5 years to me :joy::joy:) It is only recently they stopped showing up on the attack invites.


I think they broke something during this most recent update. Hopefully they figure out how to get it fixed soon.

Not that. I was replying to the boost screen comment. The RSS thing is very annoying.

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The invite issue is already on the team’s radar, and they are looking into it.


Hopefully it’s so close on the radar, it’s coming in for a landing soon…

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