Planning Atlas Season

Not sure if this is the right place to put the discussion.

I am planning out my next atlas season and have a few questions if anybody can help.

I already have 4/8 elite on the rider I will put on Narlyth.

Will the mythic gear for offense be the glove or chest? If so, I want to make sure I do not grab elites for those and instead get an elite gear for another rider.

How much glory does it take in a season to acquire the entire offensive branch?

~1.5M (give or take) will give you entire offensive branch. Next season’s mythic offense is hp stuff, so chest plate not gloves. Finally, you’re waaay better off claiming shards instead of elite pieces, which can be forged :raised_hands:


The offensive gear will be hp gear, so shield, chest, legs and helm. This is also in the announcement post.

It takes around 1.5m glory to finish one mythic branch.

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As moonswirl said you are better to claim the 500k shards instead of the elite gear.
With crafting gear at say 5000 total mixed shards to craft a piece you can craft 100 pieces of gear.
With 5% elite drop rate you’re likely to get 5 elite pieces vs the single piece you would claim as a prize.
Keep crafting non-stop outside of that atlas event and upgrade your pieces during crafting/levelling event for the best points.


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