Plans for Adding Teams to Atlas - Official Discussion Thread

Hello Dragon Lords,

As we get closer to the new season we want to give an early heads up of who we’ll be adding and future plans for adding teams to Atlas. In the coming Celestial Rift Atlas Season launch, which will be on March 18th, we will be adding to Atlas all teams Platinum 4 and above.

Please note that the League Rebalance will be on March 16th at 12am PT, so you will have to be Platinum 4 and above after the League Rebalance to be added to Atlas.


Check out the original post here.


there is no lag :relieved:
inhale exhale inhale exhale



More lag. Awesome


Making a problem worse In a nutshell, I’m pretty sure this is why people wanted it Atlas available in Sapphire correct?


It was impossible to reach in saph.
Now it is too easy to reach.
Should be at P2/P3


Well first of all why do you want to add to atlas when you can’t even fix the lag we have now. All you are is doing is making the problem worst. Before you go and mess the game up more fix the lag and all the other issues first

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PG has heard two complaints about Atlas:

  1. Players are at a disadvantage without atlas and its impossible to get up to Sapphire to earn it.
  2. Atlas lag is awful.

PG is attempting to resolve both at the same time. While it doesn’t necessarily match every player’s priorities, they are working on both. They mentioned they’re working to do a large backend overhaul to help with the lag (this sounds pretty promising). They also vaguely mentioned a League rebalance in this thread, so I’m guessing there won’t be quite as many teams introduced as previously expected.


I say good for pg on this decision the lag is not going away and let players enjoy the benefits that alot of other team do.


Just asking - would it make more sense to have a mechanic where all teams above X (let’s say P2) gain/keep Atlas and all teams below X lose Atlas access?

Might this also increase the stakes of wars?

I think “League rebalance” means what players call “League shuffle”. :thinking:


Oh, I was hoping they were reorganizing the leagues…

This didn’t even make it one season.

I believe all should have access so P4+ is not a bad start.


Any comments or details about the League Rebalance ? Can you please post here the proper information about it also? Thanks in advance.

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I have so much I want to say! BUT if history has taught us anything, PG will not listen when it comes to adding MORE teams to a LAGGY system! OH its just more atlas elite in our pockets.
Yes we know Atlas is lagging but look at all the teams we can add.
Yes the reshuffle failed with epic results, but we need to add more teams.
Yes the atlas lag is our fault but support said to reinstall the game.

I have lost ALL faith in PG! YOU are so out of touch It really makes me want to quit!


At first glance this looks like another 100 new atlas teams.

There are currently no non atlas teams in P3+.

At the moment there are about 50 non atlas teams in P4. But if league shuffle was today, it could be as many as 100 non atlas teams in P4.

(seems a lot, maybe I messed up the math?)

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I wonder if there should be Atlas Pro

Which is Diamond/ Sapphire

And Atlas

Which is Platinum.

Atlas Pro could have better rewards to prevent sandbagging. ( i.e only T1-2 castles in normal atlas )

Teams could be shuffled between Atlas Pro and Atlas at the end of each season based on rank.

Might be a good option to reduce lag and a way to stop small teams getting hammered.


Maybe a sandbagging arena where all the worlds sandbaggers are fighting to the death :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Demasiados equipos para tan poco espacio.

Too many teams for so little space.

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Good ideea. Also Elite should be more expensive for Atlas Pro. Go big, pay big.