Plat 1 league BS

I am currently in aPlat 1 league that at least half of the teams have Atlas. The other half do not (including us)Renegades. This is absolutely ridiculous. You are having us compete with a very big disadvantage. All Atlas riders have extra gear which makes their dragons have way more power. And they are getting to coordinate with other teams ,which allows them to gang up on other teams. We noticed that in our wars. I have attached Pgs usualresponse :rage::rage::rage: We will look into it. Sorry. I think that is Unacceptable. This needs to be addressed sooner than later. If you can not offer Everyone in Plat 1 Atlas. Then the leagues need to be seperated.

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That’s how it’s been and how it will be. There were Plat teams with Atlas that were a part of the original Beta, and some that dropped down from getting it last year. This was pretty prominent in Sapphire leagues before they all got Atlas.

Hold the cat please.

Platinum teams that just recently got Atlas haven’t had the time to farm up any shards to this point. If they have all of this upgraded gear, they have spent a rather substantial amount of money to get there by now.

Will it be a problem in the near future, absolutely.
Is it an immediate problem seeing as they maybe get a +10 or +20% buff if they have been working really hard at it? Maybe not worth the anger or frustration to the support team. I’d suggest a more proactive positive approach but i still don’t see much changing until they have done far more rollouts


As soon as a team has access to the atlas it keeps it. Atlas teams are in gold …
As for armor to have good armor is long …
The only disadvantages you have is especially for xp.

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There’s also teams in Platinum who either dropped down from Sapph or even Diamond or are coming up with new teams. They have several players in the 300 and even 400+ range with all the Harbingers.

You think Atlas is a disadvantage?


Most people who have Harbinger dragons are money spenders. And they get their stuff very quickly. Like in a day.

No I do not think Atlas is a disadvantage. I just think we should all play the same game in the same league

Let it go my friend…most here support your opinion but it is out of their control.


Still, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Either the teams in your league are new to Atlas and don’t have all the things yet, or they’ve already had it for a while and you’re just now realizing it.

In any case, Atlas isn’t screwing your team any more than it already has been for the past year.



It seems like you think that once a team gets Atlas Access that PG just rolls out the red carpet and hands everyone some freebie legendary gear to get a 100% boost to the dragons. Oh, that is no where near what happens…

You have to farm gold to make troops.
You have to coordinate with your team and alliance to take over a castle if you desire.
You need to farm gold to upgrade your castle and hope your teammates contribute too and don’t evade taxes.
You need to farm gear shards to craft gear.
You need to get scrolls to be able to craft gear.
You need to participate in Atlas Events to get atlas badges (similar to sigils) to get the super special gear that is super duper expensive if you were to shell out real dollars to get it.

The team my main account is on just got Atlas in the last rollout, so about 4 weeks in Atlas. So far all I have managed to do is to get the 4 atlas riders at level 1. I don’t have the rider shards to level them, nor have I gotten much glory/XP on them to level them yet.
I have not gotten much gear that is worth a crap, mostly common stuff that is salvaged as it isn’t worth wasting rubies on. So I have 3 dragons that are about 3%-5% stronger than they were 4 weeks ago. That is quite small in the big scheme of things.

Also, Atlas is ONLY worthwhile if you put in the time to use it. And your entire team has to spend time building troops, planning for castle takeovers, defending your castle until you get settled in, and tons of runs for gold to build troops and upgrade the castle.

Atlas is a lot of work to get the “advantages” and they take a long time to truly get the advantages. Don’t think that any team that just got Atlas has a big advantage unless they spent thousands of dollars each week for each teammate to progress.


Thanks for input. Best of Luck :heart_eyes_cat:

You assuming there’s no big spenders in Plat one? That’s not true at all! There’s big spenders all throughout Platinum.

Also what about players who ditch their team & 10-30 members go to create another team from Diamond or Sapphire who have been in Atlas for a long time?

I’m sure it’s a problem now regardless if you believe or not but I do agree that it’s only going to become a bigger and bigger problem the longer they continue this bullshit :roll_eyes:


I personally know 2 big spenders in Platinum III :smile:

I would want to know what Will be her reaction if she Founds out that after They release the Atlas half of Plat1, PG had lottery pick some teams in Gold and others… :grin::joy::joy::joy:

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